Clip of Minnie scolding Quinton resurfaces

Last year, Soccer Zone presenter Minnie Dlamini revealed that she was getting a divorce after only four years of marriage. The star split from her husband and child’s father Quinton Jones following months of attempting to fix things. This week, both she and Quinton have been trending after a source close to Minnie alleged that he is demanding spousal support from her.



Social media users who have invested themselves into the story have now brought up an old clip that reveals Minnie’s “bossy attitude” towards her estranged husband.FANS SLAM MINNIE AFTER WATCHING HER SCOLD QUINTON IN OLD CLIP
Minenhle “Minnie” Dlamini and her estranged husband Quinton Jones have topped headlines this week.

Rumours are swirling that the pair are currently engaged in a custody battle and that Quinton is demanding R10 000 spousal support from the TV star.

While many have defended the actress and presenter, a lot of people believe that it is only fair that Quinton get his spousal support.

An old clip of the pair preparing for their 2019 wedding has surfaced online and led even more people to believe that she is the reason the marriage ended.

In the clip, Minnie berates Quinton while he prepares a special surprise for their wedding. Take a look at the clip below:The post left social media users discussing what they are saying was unnecessary rudeness on Minnie’s behalf.

Many wondered whether or not it was an act or is she always spoke to him in that manner.

“She’s bossy yerrrr. I even saw some of her Instagram videos, she was bossing him around,” one person said while another added:

“This was a huge red flag, and poor guy kept his cool and remained calm. Even if she was worried about invitations and all, this only took about 5 minutes max, she’s complaining about buildings and everything”