Checkout #SkeemSaam Actress Sthoko And Her Twin Sister Showing Us Their Dance Moves

Have you seen Sthoko from SkeemSaam. You will nor Believe what she was caught doing with her twins. Mzansi could not believe that its her who is seen in a video dancing with her lovely sister. It’s their month and they are already celebrating before their birthday date. SkeemSaam actress revealed that only few days left to 30 January where they will celebrating their birthday.






Innocent Sadiki is a South African actress and Pastors. She is popular known for her role of Sthoko in SkeemSaam. She rose to fame when she first bag a role in SkeemSaam. She is a wife of Denise and a mother of Clement, sister of Kwaito and Pretty in the show. SkeemSaam viewers find it hard to believe that she is a Pastors wife because of her role in SkeemSaam.

The actress has a twin sister who looks exactly like her, who is known by Millicent Mashile. The two are one of the best sister recently trending in social media. they looks exactly the same and it’s hard to tell who is who. Only those who are very close to them can Pont Innocent Sadiki and Millicent. Innocent Sadiki and her twin Millicent Mashile are certainly indistinguishable twins inside and out that is important, they even have similar grins, this isn’t a drill!

Innocent twin sister known as Millicent Mashile, she is a famous South African actress and presenter. She is most popular known for her work on the ONE Gospel show Alpha Youth with her sister Innocent. Trusted me when I say it is possible to identify Innocent Sadiki and her twin sister Millicent Mashile. The young ladies are additionally in a similar calling and they cooperate a ton, very much like they love twinning together!