Checkout beautiful pictures of Muvhango actress Sundani.

The thing with public figures is that it they don’t want to be found, you can’t find them. It’s the same as knowing something about them, if they don’t want you won’t know. We often lose or don’t know what an actor is up to actor leaving a show. Some don’t care about the fame which is why it is hard finding them after.

Mulaudzi Charlotte is an actress, businesswoman and voice over artist. She holds a degree in economics from the University of Johannesburg. She’s known for her role on SABC 2’s Muvhango where she played the role of Sundani, Chief Azwindidni’s third wife. She was a villain on the show after marrying her sister’s husband.

She has been off our screens for a while now. Sundani was her only role on tv, making it hard for her fans to see her. Below are beautiful pictures of her, to remind her fans just beautiful she was.