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Do not bring me to tears people react to a recent post reminding them of Riky Rick see below

Richardo Muziwendlovu Makhado (20 July 1987 – 23 February 2022), known professionally as Riky Rick, was a South African rapper, singer, and songwriter. He was the founder and owner of the record label Cotton Club Records. He was also a member of Boyz N Bucks. He rose to fame when he released his single “Nafukwa” in 2014. Makhado released his debut studio album Family Values (2015), which became certified platinum by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA).

You will now much someone is loved when they are no more. Riky Rick has left a special mark in people’s lives, people still can’t believe that his gone and it seems like everything they see reminds them of him.




As we know that Riky Rick was a fashion designer and the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records which he had since expanded into a music festival, lifestyle, and clothing brand, Cotton Fest.

Riky Rick had his style and it was very much unique. And one thing about being unique is that people will never forget you. Like Riky Rick it’s hard for people to forget his style now its even worse because it seems like everything they see reminds them of Riky Rick.

A new brand called Adidas x Gucci was shared on social media as it was announced that it’s coming soon. But instead of people getting excited they noticed something that left them emotional, when they saw the second frame where someone is wearing shoes with Green trousers they just thought of Riky Rick.

After seeing that picture people started saying it screams his name, Riky Rick would have loved that collaboration it was made especially for him that’s his style.

Indeed Riky Rick left a big hole in people’s heart and his legacy continue to leave on he left his mark and he will forever be remembered. Smaller things matter what you do today make sure people remember you tomorrow with them but it must always be good things.

Beautiful Pictures Of Pretty From Skeem Saam

Where is Lerato Marabe initially from?

The exquisite youthful Lerato Marabe was brought into the world in Vosloorus, Gauteng, raised by her mom. Her mom is an expert educator who acquainted her with her more seasoned sibling, and they later moved to Johannesburg, where they actually live along with the adolescent.

Which establishments did Lerato Marabe join in?

Lerato Marabe went to Boksburg High school in Johannesburg, where she accomplished passing marks on her matric. Thereafter, she continued to the University of Johannesburg, where she concentrated on Editing at AFDA Cape Town while chipping away at Skeem Saam and other energizing tasks. At 11 years old years, while at Primary School, she was projected into Skeem Saam and has been with the show from that point forward.

Which TV shows have Lerato Marabe highlighted in?

It has been a staggering decade with Lerato gracing us with her magnificence and shuddering voice. All through her very long term appearance on TV, she has made highlighted in the accompanying projects.

Takalani Sasemi as Tshidi

Skeem Saam – Seasons 1 to 8 as Pretty

Isibaya Season 1 as Nelisa

Large Friend Little Friend as Lisha

Madiba Series as Thembi Tambo

End Game Season 1 as Precious

Mzansi Love Season 3 as Babalwa

Intersexions Season 2 as Mpho

Who is Lerato Marabe’s sweetheart?

Since she turned 18 out of 2017, we have been hoping to get a brief look at her beau. Sadly, Lerato has not yet dropped juice on her beau, neither has she been reputed to date anybody. In such a case, Lerato isn’t in any relationship which is of public information right now.

Skeem Saam

In Skeem Saam, Lerato Marabe depicts the personality of Pretty Seakamela. Her personality is a tomfoolery, energetic, and chatty young lady. Lerato has been playing Pretty for quite a long time since she was 11 years of age. Skeem Saam is a mix of anecdotes regarding the excursion to masculinity. The nearby show series analyzes the situation of the present male youngsters and the intense difficulties they face changing into masculinity.

Online Media

Numbers don’t lie, Lerato Marabe is revered by a lot of people. She has 187k supporters on Instagram and 100k devotees on Twitter which uncovers watchers appreciation and veneration. Her Instagram account is brimming with excellent pictures and recordings which show her lively and fun side.

What is Lerato Marabe’s Net worth?

Growing up as an understudy superstar has never been simple for youthful Lerato Marabe, yet it has generally paid off. She right now has a Net Worth of $150 000. Her acting profession, which is her essential kind of revenue, has inspired her ways of life. We wish her well in her vocation.

Here Are The Things That Annie Lied About Nonku’s Mom In #RHODurban

Nonku’s mom fins herself trending today after last episode of #RHODurban. This come after she said She said that she is more beautiful than them.


Annie still lying about what Nonku’s mom said. Nonkus mum has her funny ways but she never said what those 2 ladies are accusing her of had said #RHODurban. Mzansi just can’t wait to see how it all plays out at the reunion, when they roll back that tape. After rewatching #RHODurban I think Annie’s husband cheats on her because sis is so triggered and pissed. So what are Annie and Londie saying now that they see what Nonku’s mom said verses what they Heard?

There’s not a single housewife I don’t like in the durban show. They’re making good TV these ones. This episode of #RHODurban was so enjoyable. The ladies now seem comfortable with one another and it’s pleasing to me. Also, I cannot wait for next week’s episode, cause I saw my fave Kgomotso. Looking at Londi agreeing with Annie on nonsense about Nonku’s as we not watching and saw what happened.

These ladies are jealous of Nonku because she’s living her life on her rules and she doesn’t have to account to a man. Her livelihood remains the same with or without a man. Annie and Londie must mature and handle issues with maturity, Londie’s mom butchered English and Nonku never disrespected her because she was raised well, as for Annie I think she must take a break from #RHODurban Londie needs to be real and not follow crowds.

Mzansi Is Left Stitched After Revealing The Reason Why Musa Mseleku’s Wife MaKhumalo Join #RHODurban

Her followers are saying that Makhumalo should never have been casted on #RHODurban because she has no storyline and no script. She brings nothing to the group dynamics. She said she was going to be herself now she doesn’t know how to act. The ladies in the #RHODurban intimidate her and its all in her head. Makhumalo made one mistake, she set the wrong tone from the get go. This show is about women who are independent be it that they are married or not. They are strong in their own sense and don’t piggy back on their husbands.


Makhumalo did mentioned in one of the source that she joined The Real Housewives of Durban because she wanted to mingle with other famous people as she tried to know them and the industry. Makhumalo wanted to be more exposed to people who ate more driven just like in life.

LaConco has changed since the start of season 2. She is no longer the sweetheart person who was in Season 1? She’s now bitter and weird always on Makhumalo’s case that time she’s still failing to answer simple question of how did she meet uBaba. Makhumalo does not abandon a chance with Laconco.

I know exactly how Makhumalo feels. It’s hard adjusting to a new setting especially when it’s so different to the environment you’re used to. Makhumalo is a Pisces meaning she’s Sensitive AF. I just wish the ladies can reassure of her place or she will just sunk into her shell. Laconco and Londie were going to make it easier for her if they wanted to but obviously they don’t feel her hence it was just awkward. She will adjust, she is generally a sweet person.

Lady Zamar got deep in addressing privacy, see what she said below

Lady Zamar’s recent post explains why she has been living a private life since the time she got Sjava arrested for accusing him of raping her. Lady Zamar was dragged for laying charges and getting Sjava locked up for few months. Since then, she doesn’t share anything unrelated to work and her beautiful pictures of her body transformation from gym.








Since she started gym last year to transform her chubby body to a beautiful shaped body. She’s consistent in posting her pictures and working with brands.

“You can do anything and everything in private…How you live your life and what you choose to share are totally up to you!”, Lady Zamar said.

From the time she got Sjava arrested till last year, Lady Zamar minimized gigging and hosting gigs and live videos in Instagram due ti the negativity she received from people. But for this year, 2022, Lady Zamar has become the best version of herself. Tweeting however she want on Twitter, she also went back to performing. But today she just addressed why people are not entitled to explaining why they keep their life private.