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Remember Mndeni from Ehostela? Check out his beautiful pictures

Thobani Nzuza who became famously on Uzalo drama series as Khehla, some of Mzansi people get to know Thobani on Ehostela Mzansi Magic drama that ended months ago. Thobani is a South African actor, director, vocalist, and dancer.

Thobani was born in Umlazi, Kwa Zulu Natal. He is 29 years of age as of 2021. He was born in the year 1993 and celebrated his birthday on the 4th of May.





Over the course of her career, Nzuza has worked in the entertainment sector more than a decade. Fans have liked his films and songs, and they have achieved a respectable level of economic success as a result. As a result, he must have accrued a significant amount of wealth throughout his professional life.

Thobani Nzuza studded at Durban University of Technology. Did you know Thobani Nzuza net worth is around R34 million.

Check out Thobani Nzuza beautiful pictures that will amaze you.

Andile Mpisane GF is filthy rich See the price of her perfume

Being a celebrity in South Africa can positively affect your bank balance. Your fame can be bring you sponsorships, endorsement deals and freebies so many that you won’t know what to do with them.




It can also help you move around the right right circles and snag a very, very rich partner. It is the case with DJ Sithelo who happens to be dating rich kid Andile Mpisane.

As one of the youngest club owners in South Africa Andile Mpisane is largely known for making bold moves more especially flaunting his expensive lifestyle. It is also the case with his girlfriend, DJ Sithelo, who happens to be his baby mama. In not so long ago the popular DJ took to IG to flaunt a R4 million Lamborghini Urus that she has access to, leaving many of followers on the platform inspired.

As of recent she has since taken to IG to flaunt a one of kind perfume that she has in her collection from London Widian. As DJ Sithelo is known as a lady who loves the finer things in life we have since decide to investigate as to how much her perfume costs.

Through a bit of luck we were fortunate enough to learn that the perfume comes at a retail price of $250, a figure in the region of approximately R5 000 in South Africa. With that much said it is evident that money is not a problem to her as she is a career driven woman and also dating one of richest young people in South Africa.

As if flaunting a R5 000 perfume was not enough she has previously taken to IG to a flaunting a hand soap from Christian Dior. According to a number of trusted sources we have since went to learn that the Jasmin de Anges from Christian Dior comes at a retail price of R1 055.

Sthoko from Skeem Saam in real life. Learn about her life, age

Meet the twins Innocentia and Millicent. Innocent, also known as Sthoko from skeem Saam, continues to astonish people. Millicent and Inno are identical twins who grew up together and close and discovered what people adore on social media. They noticed that people adored them and wanted to see or learn more about them. That’s when they decided to create a social media account in order to share their experiences.

Millicent and Innocent each have their own social media accounts, but the twins have opted to join another that would be a daily or on-demand account platform for their fans to get to know them better. Some twins are so similar that it’s impossible to tell which is which, but Innocent and Millicent designed it so that people could recognize them. This is a good thing because it can occasionally lead to major misunderstanding.










Despite her reputation as a strong, beautiful, and successful lady, Innocent’s life was not always easy. She was born into a world full of optimism, but when her mother died when she was four years old, her world came crashing down. Fortunately, she had a twin sister, and the two of them moved in with their grandparents.

When it comes to raising kids, African grandparents are quite strict. As a result, Innocent and her sister were able to develop strong principles that allowed them to succeed in their professions.

Millicent Mashile, Asnath Thabang’s twin sister, was born and raised in Pretoria. The 32-year-old rose to prominence after starring as Sthoko in Skeem Saam. When she was four years old, she lost her mother. Because her father was incarcerated, she and her twin were raised by their grandparents. Innocent and her sister paid a visit to her father after he was released from prison. Unfortunately, their father was slain not long after they were born, and they never had the opportunity to get to know him properly.

Her success came when she was cast in one of the most popular soap operas in South Africa. Sthoko was her character in SABC 1’s Skeem Saam. Sthoko Skeem Saam, MaNtuli’s oldest daughter, is in a relationship with Dennis, an abusive man. Innocent has had several career-defining moments in solo ventures, in addition to this persona, which earned her a fan favorite.

Thabang co-hosts the ONE Gospel show Alpha Youth with her twin sister. The two have collaborated on various times, also in the SABC1 reality show Big Break Legacy in 2013. They are also co-founders of a theatre movie studio that teaches young people acting talents, particularly in underprivileged Pretoria neighborhoods.

Innocent’s and Millicent’s lives are intimately connected. Phindulo Sadiki, Innocent Sadiki’s husband. She gave up her middle initial, Innocent Sadiki, and took her husband’s surname, Sadiki, when they married. Emma, the oldest, and Ntombana Mukonanyi, the youngest, are their two daughters.

Innocent married a preacher, and they had to follow the rules since they were pious. This necessitated a church ceremony to seal their union. However, little information regarding the wedding has been released.


Real names: Asnath Thabang Innocent

Born: 30 January 1988

Occupation: actress

Twin sister: Millicent Mashile

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Meet Teddy from Gomora girlfriend, she is so beautiful

Teddy is a quick rising star.He is currently sitting on more than 1 million followers on tik tok, really really insane.He only started acting on our screens last year and he quickly rose to fame.He is doing so well for himself and we couldn’t be more proud.




The question everyone has always wanted to know about him is whether he has a girlfriend, everyone is always asking themselves who is this young man’s girlfriend.Well don’t you worry cause I got you covered… He revealed his girlfriend whom was a girl he had a crush on initially.

Many of us know this beautiful girl from Idols as she was a contestant.Her name is Nosipho but on the socials she goes as therealnocy_jay.

Go check out her Instagram and tiktok and all her other socials and be sure to follow.

Nocy is so beautiful, she looks like a real life doll, really really ridiculous.Teddy took his time here.

I don’t bother anyone, I just wake up and love my wife |Dr Musa Mthombeni.

It seems like love it’s all that Dr Musa Mthombeni can offer to his beautiful wife who is a best friend a soulmate and the love of his life, the famous doctor doesn’t allow time or day to pass without telling the media how lucky he is go to have a wife like liesl. This is love like no other people may be negative towards his posts or mayve jelous and say some disturbing news like he has been given korobela but what remains is that the love that Dr Musa has for his wife is unmatched.

They are still newlyweds but then it seema they have spent a lifetime of years together and they have been each other backup and best friends forever. Here is a picture of the loving couple as they posted a picture of themselves while wearing some Miss South Africa belts as they were watching the Miss SA which was been televised on Tv.

The picture was posted on twitter as it got a lot of admiration and love and even though they were some negative comments still the couple really know how to show how much they love each other. They have been keeping mzansi fans on their toes because really there is no greater thing in this world except love.

Dr Mthombeni woke up one morning and he decided to share that when he wakes up he doesn’t bother anyone he just wakes up and love his wife. Ladies will agree that a husband like Dr Musa is a need right?

Who wouldn’t love a husband who respect and remembers you in his everyday endeavors? He cherish the love and the undying affection he has towards his wife.

Here are some few comments that surfaced after Dr Mthombeni posted his picture with his wife on social media here are the views and opinions of his fans.