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Once Again, Ayanda Ncwane Is Back This Wednesday With Recent Pics

Ayanda Ncwane is one of the social media personalities and public figures who has been trending this year for her personality and lifestyle.





Most of her fans have been amazed every time she posts a picture on her Instagram account due to her unique style.

Ayanda Ncwane is well known for being the wife of the late gospel singer, Sfiso Ncwane.

She also gained popularity after she signed a group called Abathandwa to her company which eventually did absolutely well.

Ayanda Ncwane also received a very positive reception from a lot of people in a show called Real Housewives of Durban.

The TV star was mostly loved in the above show due to her taste in clothing and also following the current trend in style.

Today we take a look at the pictures that Ayanda Ncwane have recently posted on her social media accounts.

DJ Zinhle Comes For Umalambane- He Said the Worst About SA Female DJ’s

Africa’s main female DJ Zinhle has come out to hammer the President of Black Twitter South Africa Umalambane for stifling the development of South African females DJs.





Recently Lamiez Holyworthy bested the Twitter patterns list after savages body disgraced her and she was seething. This trails she posted a snap of her shaking pair of shorts and a catfish account said she is a man caught in a female body.

Lamiez is no more abnormal to being body disgraced or being known as a man, yet yesterday she said she is tired. The awful remarks unsettled the performers’ otherwise calm disposition and she came out with weapons blasting to applaud back at savages. She lashed at the phony records who continually project their instabilities at others. She said she is worn out on being exposed to steady body disgracing.

“I have ladies of all shapes n sizes who follow me for this very explanation! I have young ladies who admire me on account of how agreeable I am in my own skin! Day by day I am exposed to the consistent body disgracing and tormenting and told to be the greater individual. Well, today

Umalambane couldn’t avoid sharing his input on the dramatization yet DJ ZInhle and DBN Gogo were not having it. He said a female DJ’s prosperity these days in the nation relies upon great looks, and nobody thinks often about how they rock the turntables.

Zinhle found out about his remark and she immediately blew up at the Twitter client. She tweeted “So pitiful that you decided to lessen the development of the female DJ industry to this… I certainly disagree with you. I’m really cherishing how the young ladies are making it their own and ruling. Without a doubt, there’s something to celebrate here.” DBN Gogo said possibly some DJs do that however she is tied in with Deejaying.

Twitter clients responded to this, @sipho_93 “Nah I think what he implies is that these new DJs couldn’t care less about the craft…they simply bringing in cash and they blend waste honestly…only female Djs I appreciate is you,dbn gogo and lerato kganyago

@MtungwaThato “I accept there is genuine ability in SA, I accept we have the stuff. Be that as it may, of late in the games and expressions industry we celebrate average excessively, we are too reluctant to even consider calling kak what it is. Zinhle many Dj’s would not make it in case ability was you models.”

@CokeThaCityGod1 “This steers clear of diminishing their development of females in the business. Buddy expressed some reality and you need to investigate that. Of late the DJing thing has lost its worth. Simply assemble a few arrangements of companions in ur DJ stall, amapiano on rehash, and dance the entire evening. That is it now”.

Body disgracing is extremely overflowing in the business. A couple of days prior Makhadzi needed to apologize for her dim internal thighs. A photographic artist in Malawi chose to post one picture uncovering her things harming her all the while.

A hurt Makhadzi said, “There was a parcel of wonderful pictures that the cameraman planned to post, yet he decided to present this in advance his image, failing to remember the harm he is doing to my soul…I realize I am solid and this will pass…Unfortunately, I can’t change my inward part. I’m similar to this and I am pleased,” she said.

Fans gush over Pearl Modiadie’s son in recent picture.

Children grow up very fast. They actually make us see that time is not standing but moving. They are our blessings and make life easier and hectic for us. Every parent wants to see their child happy, hence parents make sure that their children have only the best or nothing.



Pearl Modiadie has to be one of the genuine celebrities in the country. The Zaziwa presenter left Mzansi stunned when she announced her break up from baby daddy. Months later they are still civil with each other and raising their child together. It is one of those things that you just have to be civil with people for the sake of the children.

She seems to not be sure as to whether she wants to show Lewatle’s face or not. She once shared a picture of him on his birthday and later on blurred it. She has now shared his picture with his face very clear. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over him.

Meet Fikile’s life after Uzalo, See pics

South African actress Nelisa Mnchununwon the hearts of people when she first made her debut on Uzalo, she played one of the most loved roles on the show and she is really good at what she does. Nelisa is really talented and acting is one of her passions after leaving the show Uzalo viewers were really devastated because the really enjoyed watching her. What they really loved about her role is her unique relationship with SBU, they didnt have much but they stayed true and honest to each other.






A lot of people envied their relationship because it was not based on money nor the materialistic things, they worked together so that they could build a much better future for both of themselves.They had a love and hate relationship with Sbu, even though he didn’t have any money and wasn’t able to provide her with the luxurious lifestyle she remained loyal. So did Sbu, he met a lot if beautiful ladies who were dying to be with him but his eyes were only on Fikile. Its sad that her parents were the ones who brought their relationship to an end after they took her with them. They had always thought that their daughter was living a high life until they finally visited her and saw that she was actually living in a shack with her unemployed boyfriend. They felt that their daughter deserved better and decided to take her with them. This left Sbu heartbroken as he had yo learn to live without the love of his life , viewers were really not happy with his the actress exited the show.

Shona Ferguson’s legacy is still being honored, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. Shona is up for the renowned Hollywood

Shona Ferguson’s legacy is still being honored, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. Shona is up for the renowned Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards (HAPA) in 2021.

When the renowned actor passed away, it dealt a huge shock to the local acting community. Shona was a well-known film producer and actor who had a long and successful performing career. Kings of Joburg is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series in Africa, while the actor is nominated for Best Lead Drama Series.





The awards honor great individuals whose lives have been defined by extraordinary personal and professional achievements, in addition to achievements in the film and music industries. Shona died of COVID-19-related problems on July 30, 2021 at the Milpark private hospital in Johannesburg. Atosie Pilane, his sister-in-law, said during his funeral that he waged a valiant battle.

“Mr. Sho fought. He fought a very hard battle. And it seems like he had a plan for us as the family to prepare for us in the two weeks because my family turned into having so much faith. We prayed so much. That two weeks was like a turnaround for the family. There would be days where we would get to the hospital and we would see the nurse panicking and shaking. More or less telling us as a family that they did all they could and this is our time to say goodbye.

“Unfortunately, it was approximately 23h50 on the 29th, after we had spent the day there. We spent the entire night with him till the next day, the 30th, when the doctor came and urged us to keep doing what we were doing because he was now stable and looking better. We returned home to freshen up, and as soon as we were finished, we received another phone instructing us to return to the hospital. Unfortunately, when we arrived, the physicians informed us that my brother had recently passed away.”

Connie Ferguson, his wife, has been using social media to document her grief. The actress has been thanking God for bringing her such a lovely man into her life. She recalled the first time the two of them met.

“I’ve been adored. By the grace of God. More than I had imagined was possible. Because God sent me an angel just when I was about to give up on love. My main goal in life was to see my daughter grow up. At the time, Lesedi was eight years old. It was one evening. An angel walked into my house completely unexpectedly and unannounced. His laughter introduced me to this angel. I was in my bedroom, all the way down the corridor. And I just overheard some laughter in my kitchen. I hadn’t expected any visitors. I was anticipating the arrival of my sister. At the time, she was living with me and Lesedi.”