“By the time she leaves the dress will be feather less” man reacts to Anele Durban July outfit

She looks good

Anele Mdoda shows off her outfit for the biggest event in South Africa. Anele Mdoda attends Durban July in a beautiful yellow dress. It is a beautiful day with a beautiful weather today.



Her fans are not really seem to be liking the outfit because of the color and the feathers. The dress seems to be leaving feathure everywhere she goes. They are saying that by the end of the day her dress will have no feathers. Anele has not said anything about the bad comments to her dress, I have to say that her dress goes well with this year’s theme.

Personally I love the dress because it is unique. It is better to wear something different and stand out of the crowed, that is what Anele did. She really looks beautiful and I hope she enjoys her day with her friends.