Brown Mbombo and her handsome son

Brown Mbombo is a South African influencer and entrepreneur. She is the twin sister of reality Tv star and model Blue Mbombo. The twins are not Identical, they are fraternal twins, however even though they do not look alike, the Mbombo twins are gorgeous.






Brown and Blue are inseparable, they often share pictures of each other, mostly together on their social media platforms separately. Brown is very famous on social media, and very active too.

Brown is also a mother to a son, named Tinashe Mbombo. Tinashe is around 11 years of age. The identity of Tinashe’s father is unknown, Brown does not share such information or any other private information on her social media platforms.

Brown previously dated musician Prince Kaybee, just about 3 to 4 years ago.

Tinashe, Brown’s son is so cute, he is on social media. As young as he is, Tinashe has an Instagram account where he shares his pictures once in a while.

Blue and Brown’s genes have been definitely passed on to Tinashe, i mean, look at him. Here are some of his pictures below so you can judge for yourself.