BREAKING: Both Paulina and Zolani from The River pass away simultaneously

Both Paulina and Zolani from The River pass away simultaneously.The popular South African telenovela, The River, is about to begin its sixth season on February 6, 2023, as confirmed by 1 Magic. The latest season follows the departures of several beloved characters, including Hlomla Dandala as Zweli Dikana, Lawrence Maleka, and Tango Ncetezo. Earlier this month, ZAlebs reported that Hlomla Dandala’s character was set to die in a confrontation with Mabutho over the latest Hlophe heist.




This event sets off a war between the Dikanas and the Hlophes, resulting in the death of both Paulina and Zolani in the crossfire. However, fans have expressed disappointment in the manner in which the exits of Paulina and Zolani were handled, as they felt that the writers did not respect the actors and their impact on the show. Both Paulina and Zolani from The River pass away simultaneously.Additionally, fans had been hoping for a happy ending for Paulina, but instead, she received a tragic ending after being shot by Angelina. Lawrence Maleka hosted a viewing party for the final episode with Tango, and Tango promised to share her official exit statement after the season finale.

Both Paulina and Zolani from The River pass away simultaneously The River has been one of the most successful telenovelas in South Africa, captivating audiences with its gripping storyline and dynamic characters. The upcoming season six is highly anticipated, as fans are eager to see what new twists and turns the show will bring. With the departure of several beloved characters, however, many fans are feeling a sense of loss and are struggling to come to terms with their exit.
The manner in which Hlomla Dandala’s exit was handled in the show received significant criticism from fans, who felt that the writers did not give his character the send-off that he deserved. This sentiment was echoed with the departures of Paulina and Zolani, as fans felt that the writers failed to give these characters the proper recognition and respect for their contributions to the show.