Bontle Modiselle recently revealed why she blamed herself for her father’s tragic passing

TV presenter and dancer Bontle Modiselle recently revealed why she blamed herself for her father’s tragic passing. The entertainer revealed in an interview with 702’s Relebogile Mabotja this week that she was the last person to see her father before he committed suicide and felt like she could’ve stopped him.“I think I’d seen him on his way to do it. I woke up to go and see what my father was doing, and he had stuff with him.



He had a rope, he had stuff. It was in the wee hours of the morning and I didn’t think anything of it.” She adds that when she asked him what he was doing, he repeatedly told her he loves her, he loves her.IOL also reported in 2017 that Modiselle knew her father was about to die before his tragic suicide as she dreamt about his passing before he actually died. And why it didn’t shock me was because I dreamt about it before it happened, and I told my mother…I woke up and told them“For a very long time I blamed myself for my dad’s death, I really did… I felt if I hadn’t dreamt about it…he wouldn’t have done it. Melo_Malebo: “Bontle needs to forgive herself. She couldn’t have known. Through this experience, her experience, we now know how to act or what to do when we’re in a similar situation. Phepi nana. It’s not your fault.@SbucieDlamini: “She felt like she should blame herself for not trying to save her dad, for not telling her mom, and for not trying to ask more questions which caused her to think everything was her fault. When she saw the pain, this caused her family, she carried it with her.

@IRamo73404: “I remember this. Was classmates with her. What a beautiful family. We never know what people are going through.