Black coffee buys his neighbor’s house to party in peace

People… people, let’s not talk about money matters! Well, recently the famous South African music producer DJ Black Coffee gave an exclusive interview to the British podcast Diary of a CEO.

And the interview made jaws drop, just a little amazed at what money can do. During the interview, Black Coffee told Steven Bartlett that he bought his neighbor’s house so he could have private parties with his friends.






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He said he really can’t throw parties for his friends because he shares a house with his mother and children. And the possibility of buying a neighbor’s house looked reasonable. So he didn’t think about it.

“I can’t even have a little party because my mom is in another room. And then it bothered me so much, I remember talking to my friend, I was like the person I love, but at the same time I just feel like it can’t be.

“The most incredible thing happened, I get a call and this guy says, ‘By the way, I’m selling my house and moving to another country. Just so you know how to be a neighbor,” he said.

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He has plans for the house he purchased that go beyond entertaining guests and throwing parties. “I want to build a Black Coffee House that would be like a house of the future. But in the future it will be the same as he lived before. I’m very intentional about the things I collect, the art on the wall, like everything I do, I do it to create value in the home.”