Biggie’s Family Will Receive Royalties From His Music

His manager Ngcebo Mdima from the management company Charlie Communication, has ensured his family that they will be receiving royalties from his music even after his passing.

His manager told Isolezwe that the singer’s untimely death due to heart problems, came at the time when preparations for ensuring he gets a stake in all of his music has been approved.

Biggie has made headlines before where it was revealed that he has not been paid any money from his previous songs and those featuring DJs. Now after going through the right channels, he now will be compensated even after his passing.

“Biggie made songs with a lot of musicians but he has not been paid a single cent as those musicians did not include him as he did not understand the music business fully,” said the manager.

He also says that he and Biggies family are going to elect a beneficiary to be the one who collects the money from Samro.

“Luckily he passed on when all the paperwork with Samro was finalized and we were given a reference number confirming that he owns his music fully. I am in talks with his family to see who will be the beneficiary who will be collecting the money from Samro,” said Ngcebo.

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