Big Zulu posted his Picture and Mzansi was left excited

Because today is a day to celebrate his history, South African musician Big Zulu decided to splurge on some nice shoes and a flashy automobile for himself. The Inkabi country has a lot of content on its social media website that is sure to impress its friends and followers.





Recently, Big Zulu took it to his social media page, where he posted a pictures of himself displaying his fresh new Carvella as well as his huge automotive collection. Big Zulu has taken to his social media page, where he has informed his followers that he is also commemorating his history in the same way.

Alongside the caption: “iNkabi Nation Happy Heritage Day, let’s gather in Daggakraal, Witbank, Springs. Swaziland, Foundations Valley, and Pretoria on the Sunday “. It was written.

Heritage day will be celebrated by Big Zulu by going out tonight. The Inkabi people are going on an adventure in his BMW automobile. After he disclosed to his viewers and admirers that he was going out, his fans, supporters, and followers have been sending their best wishes for safe travel to him.

Big Zulu is never spotted wearing anything except Carvella and Brentwood shoes and clothing. When he is seen in public, he always wears those specific pairs of shoes. Since Big Zulu first entered the entertainment sector, he has been the subject of much discussion. Even in most of his images, he can be seen glancing at his feet, specifically at his footwear. Because of this, a number of individuals have incorrectly assumed that he is g.ay, despite the fact that he is not.