Beyonce once again treats fans with a new musical release.

The reigning queen of the music industry has shown what other artists can do she can do better when it comes to surprise music releases.

The singer has added to the excitement of her loyal Beyhive who are already eating from the release of ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce” released today. The film has already managed to score an unbelievable 100% percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film chronicles Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour The new song ‘my house’ is according to Billboard, a single heavy with a trap beat. The song is produced by long-time Beyonce collaborator The Dream who is responsible for one of Beyonce’s biggest songs, Single Ladies.

The single boasts the singer showing off her hip hop side which meets lyrics of independence and embracing her boastful side.STILL NO VISUALS
The release of the new single has definitely earned Beyonce the forgiveness of her fans who are still waiting for the music videos from the singer’s latest album. This has been the theme since the album was released on 31 July 2022.

The singer went on to drop a hint during the tour when asked by a fan “Where are the visuals?”, she went on to respond “you are the visuals”. This could be a hint of the newly released film which was not yet announced.