BBTITANS| Khosi is playing with Yemi and Miracle but they are still blind to see it [OPINION]

Khosi knows how to play her game

Even Lukay can see that Khosi is playing with Miracle and Yemi. They always fight because of Khosi and she always choose them whenever she is feeling heartbroken. Miracle wants to prove to Khosi that he is the right man for her. Then Yemi is also doing the same.


Khosi is one of the most beautiful women on Big Brother Titans this year. So far the game is going according to the way Khosi wants it. All these men in the house are doing exactly what she wants them to do.

Miracle and Yemi should stop fighting because of her and start playing the game and win the money. What will happen after this game if Khosi doesn’t choose any of them. They need to wake up and see what Khosi is doing. Her strategy is actually the best to keep her in the game.