Back to school for Yvonne Chaka Chaka

THE Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, is happy to have finished her honours degree.

She completed honours in management practices and leadership from the Henley Business School in December.

The iconic singer spoke to Daily Sun about going back to school.

“I went back to school because I sit on different boards, and some of them are international. If you go there and you’ve got no knowledge, it becomes a mission, and that’s what inspired me to do management practices and leadership. However, it was terrible. Academic writing is not easy, but I’m glad I did it,” she said.

“I’m thinking about it. With my honours I was ready, and I thought let me just do it, and I tackled it. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. At least as adults, they give you different times and cohorts. But this master’s degree is 24 months because it’s a British university, the University of Reading, which is part of Henley.

You can study here, but there are classes where you must go to England. I need to think if I really want to do it. The Honours degree was intense, but apparently, when you’re done with your honours, the master’s degree is slightly easier, but I’m not sure,” she said.

Mam’ Yvonne has been working on remixing her hit singles.

“Music-wise, I’ve just done a remix of Makoti, Kwenzenjani and Power of Africa with a Ghanaian producer. Some of the remixes were made in Ghana, and others in Nigeria. I also did a remix of our song Murume Mukuru (Tapera) with Oliver Mtukudzi and Hugh Masekela.

“I’ll also be paying tribute to Oliver Mtukudzi at this year’s Joy of Jazz. I’m glad they are doing that for our people. I’ll be singing Tapera,” mam Yvonne said.