Babalwa Mneno has people wondering what she does for a living after she bought a new car

Model and reality star Babalwa Mneno has bought herself a new Bentley. Congratulations are in order for the actress. Her latest purchase has made many social media users question what she really does for a living, as it alleged that she had owed Standard Bank approximately R1.5 million for a vehicle loan that she took.


It looks like the matter was resolved and Babalwa Mneno is now getting her life back together. Babalwa is popularly known as a model, reality star, actress, and has appeared on Big Brother as well. It is alleged that she is now a club hostess, but many people are refusing to believe that she earns that much money to afford a Bentley. There used to be allegations that she was involved in Human Trafficking, Babalwa had to address the allegedly by releasing statements and posting on social media that she has never been involved in human trafficking and will never be. Nonetheless, the public continues to wonder where she gets money to buy her new car. Please don’t forget to like, share, leave a comment, and follow for more articles.