Ayanda Ncwane’s brother reveals why Ayanda dumped Sfiso, and he ended up impregnating Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams

Ayanda Ncwane is part of the House of Durban reality show together with Nonku Williams and other women

On the show, it turned out that Nonku Williams, is a baby mama of the Ayanda Ncwane’s late husband, Sfiso. She dropped the a bombshell that she got a child with the late gospel star. Now the truth came out from Ayanda’s brother Phupho Gumede that actually Ayanda dumped Sfiso and he explains why his sister why he dumped him

Ayanda Ncwane

“Yall love drama. Ayanda got saved and became a Christian hence she broke up with Sfiso because she couldn’t jola as a Christian. Then during that time Sfiso and Nonku dated and had a kid. Then a couple of months down the line Sfiso also got saved and married Ayanda,”

Phupho Gumede tweeted

He defended his sister and said,” “there really is no ‘history’ between Ayanda and Nonku, no one got cheated on so maybe drop the narrative you’ve created in your head.”

But on the other side, Sfiso’s sister, Sbahle Ncwane said to Daily Sun, “He was dating both of them at the same time. Nonku came from a rich family. Eventually Nonku and Sfiso broke up and the child was born. After that Ayanda Sfiso got married.”

Apparently the mother of Sfiso said, Nonku used to visit them with the child, when she was like one or two years. When she stopped visiting them with the child, she tried to trace them but with no luck. Sfiso was also told that Nonku was living overseas. She tried several times to locate them with no luck. The family saw Nonku Williams the TV, The Real Housewives of Durban.