Ayanda Ncwane finally reveals the Truth about her pregnancy with her new man

Ever since the late Sfiso Ncwane’s widow Ayanda Ncwane made it public on the Real Housewives of Durban show that she wanted to have a baby with a new man before she reaches 40, speculations started flooding that she was already pregnant.

Ayanda decided to come out herself and tell the truth. She recently revealed that she was indeed serious about wanting to have another child with a new man.

She even said that she will go on a blind date with a guy that will be chosen by her brother. She does not want to waste a lot of time as she wants to have this baby before she turns 40 years.

However, the rumors of her being pregnant were not true as Ayanda denied being pregnant already. She reportedly said that she will only prepare and be ready to have the baby when she is in a proper relationship with the right man.

Ayanda does not want to have the baby just for the sake of having it. We hope that she will find her new man soon and proceed with her plans.

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