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Kim Kardashian Gives Ayanda Thabethe Her Stamp Of Approval

Ayanda Thabethe might one of the most talented television personalities out there currently, but the face of Ponds is slowly carving her space as the Queen of South African Halloween. And South Africans can spend a day and half wondering if it is appropriate to celebrate, or they could just enjoy the looks the our fave Zalebs have served this weekend.

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The former “Top Billing” personality decided to collaborate with popular, bespoke fashion house, Cinnel, for her Halloween look. Together, the managed to recreate a look of not just one popular, internationally recognized personality, but three different looks. Granted, the three personalities front one of the biggest collective brands in the world, but the point is Ayanda served.

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The look Ayanda opted to pay homage to was the Kardashian sisters promotional look from their KKW Diamond Fragrance collection. Back in September 2020, a short video accompanied with promotional snaps featuring the three sisters speaking about the inspiration behind their individual scents. Taking inspiration from that content, let us just say that Ms Thabethe served as Kardashian clan wholesomeness.

Served Halloween Looks Seems our stars didn’t want to miss out on the fun.

South Africans have been arguing whether it is appropriate for locals to be celebrating the popular American based holiday, Halloween. While, people were more comfortable throwing shade and being sad about the matter, well some our faves did not have time for that and spent the time serving looks.We thought we would share some of the looks that stole our hearts as our fave ZAlebs served hot looks.

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First up, is our reigning local queen of entertainment, Ms. Dorothy Bonang Matheba. While she might be an inspiration and boss b*cth goals; Bonang was very comfortable to let out her naughty side when she ween trick-a-treating. Sis served an haute coutre look of the devil. She was drenched in red from horn to toe. And it seems that the star is in love with her body and her suggestive tattoo these days. The custom made body suit hid all the right things, but made sure it served just the right things.

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Next was our favorite Mama Pantha, Pearl Thusi. Pearl and her two daughters served as looks. First, her eldest daughter, Thandolwethu, served “modern day Egyptian.” And we were here for it. The newly turned 13-year-old is slowly finding herself, while being mentored into the spotlight by her mother. Recently, the young woman has found fame through her Tik Tok profile. And it is on that platform that we finally get to see her style and personality that is the definition of “modern day hippie and punk.”

Her youngest daughter, Okuhlekonke served us unicorn vibes that we cannot get over. Okuhlekonke is slowly becoming of the child-stars to look out for. It seems that youngest of the “Thusi” matriarch clan has a neck for performance, with multiple clips shared by her mother of Okuhle serving every time a good song comes on. Pearl Thus finished the Thusi clan looks with her take on being a mummy.

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Last look we have to discuss is Moozlie. The host-turned-rapper, who is always on point with her looks did not skip a beat when it came to Halloween. The first of her looks was a city cheetah. Moozlie served a print body suit, with a bodice and thigh-high boots. To make sure that people recognize that it is a Halloween costume rather than club-Friday, she added cat ears to complete the look.

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The cat eyes made a comeback later in the evening when she attended a Halloween party. This time she opted for a sauce-serving, Cat Woman bodysuit, which she customized herself. Moozlie took to her Instagram stories to share how she made the outfit.

Kelly Khumalo Breaks Her Silence On Senzo Meyiwa Drama Well her lawyers did.

Kelly Khumalo cannot catch a break! The good sis despite trying her best to put her professional best foot forward always has to be plagued by the ongoing- but clearly going nowhere- court case of late Bafana Bafana captain and beloved soccer star, Senzo Meyiwa.

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This past week the six-year ongoing murder court case on Senzo Meyiwa captured headlines as it seemed that there was finally a breakthrough. News outlets wrote about how five suspects were arrested. The five suspects were alleged to be hitmen hired by a “mastermind” to end Meyiwa’s life. However, the excitement quickly came to an end when the suspects made their first appearance at court. First, the suspects would not step into the pulpit. Secondly, they revealed in front of the media that they did not know why they were arrested by suggesting that they were already in jail in 2014.But Kelly’s name seemed to be the most topical of the ongoing situation. This after a legal document was “leaked.” In the document, it stresses the importance to get access to Kelly’s phone records because it was suggested that she was the “mastermind” behind the assassination. This is not the first time the allegations have been levelled against, and when they first arose she addressed directly. Kelly reiterated her innocence and went on to showcase how the media has forgotten that she is human, and not just a headline-grabbing name to be used for Following the recent developments, Kelly has not used her social media platforms to address or entertain the issue. During her recent interview with MacG, Kelly made it clear that she is not interested in talking about matters that are not about her, or paint her in a light she does not like. Her stance would explain her silence on the latest development s on the Senzo Meyiwa case.

But understanding the ongoing speculation and media coverage on the story, in an article shared by Sunday World, it alleges that Kelly has spoken out. Well, not Kelly per se, but her legal representation has shared a statement on the matter. Her legal representation, Magdalene Moonsamy, stated:

“Our client notes the recent developments of which at this sad time allowed her the opportunity to remain private in the best interest of herself and children especially that of the daughter she has with Mr Meyiwa.”

Additionally stating, “We wish to place it on record that our client is not implicated nor charged in this matter and is therefore not a suspect,” she said responding to the NPA’s leaked document pointed that Khumalo was also on the police radar.”

See beautiful Halloween pictures of Isibaya actress Mampho Brescia and her wonderful family.

On one of the most popular TV dramas, Isibaya she is famously known as Iris Zungu but her real name is Mampho Brescia, she is popularly known as an actor, TV presenter, brand ambassador, and voice artist from South Africa. The actress was born in Johannesburg on the 8th of December in 1977 but she grew up in Soweto.

She is widely known for her role in the M-Net drama Jacob’s Cross where she played the character of Zanele. There is a lot that this talented actress has achieved in her career and have is such an incredible woman who is also an inspiration to a lot of young people who are dreaming of joining the entertainment industry.

On recent a recent post Mampho shared beautiful pictures from her Halloween family celebration and the captioned her post “My tribe” Mampho’s family is a beautiful one and they always serve us family goals. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.

Can Mangcobo really start a new life without Nkunzi? See here

You will remember that Mangcobo disappeared for some time on Uzalo and it seems like had an impact on her because it helped her to be able to forget about everything in the past and she focused on the future of starting her life afresh. Many viewers were surprised to see her working on the shop, selling there and starting afresh without NkunziHer daughter Nosipho was starting to enjoy her new family at the Mhlongo’s. Nkunzi and Mamlambo played a role of being a parent to Nosipho in the absence of Mangcobo, Nkunzi was up and down looking for his wife but he didn’t find her hence she left without telling anyone.

Everyone was starting to settle in Mhlongo’s house except for Mamlambo who is worried that Mangcobo’s return might make Nkunzi to throw her out of his house.Mangcobo will come back as a new person where she will be working on a shop selling. Her employer will be not satisfied by her since she will be making many mistakes. We all know that Nkunzi and Mangcobo are inseparable and even if she wants a new life without Nkunzi, she will always remember him of something.

Nkunzi might want to propose Mangcobo again but it seems like she is prepared to say no this time.Do you think Mangcobo will be able to sell on the shop for the rest of her life?

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