Austin Rethabile’s Noah allegedly dies #SkeemSaam

Austin RethabileFans were shocked after witnessing the latest episode of Skeem Saam last night. Austin Rethabile’s Noah attempted to take away his life by jumping off a balcony and fans think he is no more. The drama is yet to confirm the actor’s departure.

Another character also on the top trending list is that of Alfios. After securing the Turf University tender on what appeared to be on merit, it’s now starting to look like he got it through corruption. His behaviour has been very suspicious.
Played by actor Austin Rethabile, Noah is the troubled son of Mokagdi Maputla, who was separated from her mom since he was a little boy. His grandmother did this to protect them both, at the time Mokgadi was only 15-years-old. This has backfired, leaving permanent scars on both Mokgadi and Noah.