Andile Mpisane’s car collection, SA celebrity living a good life

Andile Mpisane is one of the most controversial media personalities in our internet that’s for sure.There has just been a lot of news around his name.Eversince his mom secured a reality tv show, he has been more famous than ever along with his mother.






When it comes to Andile money does certainly grow on a tree and you know how people say “if only money grew on trees like leaves” oh well.Andile has money like it literally grows on a big tree behind his backyard.You know there is rich then there is Andile rich.We have to give it to him though, he is also a hard worker just like his mom.He is a musician, reality TV star, soccer coach,and much more.At this point he literally makes money in his sleep.He has 3 kids as of current and we all know they live an insane life.Here is some of the cars he owns.