‘Akeelah and the Bee’ Star Reveals She Is Expecting Her First Child

Do you remember the iconic role that was played by a girl named keke on Akeelah and the Bee? She has announced that she is expecting her first child with Darius Jackson. “There’s been a lot of rumours going around and people asking me if I’m pregnant or not, well i have decided to set the record straight – yes I’m expecting”. Join us as we unpack more of the story below and share the latest.

The star has revealed these exciting news at a show called Saturday Night Live and pointed out that people feel weird about her having a baby because of the role she played in the movie. “I just want to say to them I’m 29 and grown enough to do old people things” – she said. Keke also opened up about trying to keep the pregnancy away from the public eye because she has a lot on her plate and the last thing she wants is people meddling on her business.

Reaction on social media

Fans are happy that she has finally decide to start a family of her own. Some have stated that “time flies indeed not so long ago she was a baby but now she’s all grown up”. She has recently reunited with Angela Bassett who played the role of her mother on Akeelah and the Bee. This comes after she reenacted Bassett performance on The Jackson’s.

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