AKA tests positive for coronavirus

AKAMulti-award-winning musician, AKA, has tested positive for the novel COVID-19 virus.

In an attempt to create awareness around the virus and to caution citizens to be more careful in their daily interactions with others, AKA has chosen to make his results public.

The rapper in a statement pleaded with everyone to adhere to social distancing guidelines, to wear masks, and to hold stringent hygiene measures by frequently sanitizing and washing our hands.COVID-19 has become a very real part of many lives in South Africa and AKA will, therefore, be sharing his recovery journey with everyone whilst in self-isolation, as he aims to be as transparent as possible about his journey with COVID-19.Image

AKA joins the likes of Lerato Zah Moloi, Mlamli Mangcala, Brian Temba and TT Mbha -who has since recovered- who have tested positive.