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called fashion “the armour to survive the reality of everyday life”, and South Africa certainly has no shortage of couturiers to the troops. Check out some of the designers that are always at the cutting edge of South African fashion.Last year, Mnisi launched a

limited-edition furniture collection in Lagos. Named Nwa-MulaMula, after his great-grandmother, he says of this delve into a different branch of design that he takes the same approach with his furniture designs as he does with fashion: he begins with the human body.

Mzukisi Mbane’s range of fashion does not conform to what is commonly expected from menswear but, then again, neither does Mbane’s story conform to the ones we’ve become used to hearing.

Mbane’s fashion career has its roots in his seamstress mother’s talents – it was on her sewing machine that Mbane first started making clothes. His first company, called Swagger Diariez, was la