Actress Nomusa (Vuyiseka Cawe) gets her man back

my Brother’s Keeper actress Nomusa is happy to have her man back, and she wants it to stay that way.




She even went as far as asking her husband, Nqubeko’s second wife, to sign an affidavit confirming that she doesn’t want him anymore. Haibo, how desperate is she?

When Nqubeko decided to marry Fakazile as his second wife, Nomusa was shattered; she spent the past few months miserable. Even when she tried making peace with Fakazile, it wouldn’t last for long because she really disliked her.

So, you can imagine her happiness and relief when Fakazile left Nqubeko. Therefore, she wants to make sure that it’s official.

She went to the police station to get an affidavit that Fakazile should sign to say she wouldn’t be with Nqubeko anymore.

Fakazile laughed in her face first before signing the affidavit and giving it back to her.

Their sister-in-law, Puseletso, might get into trouble again. She is also filing for a divorce from Nqubeko’s brother, Ndumiso. She joined Fakazile’s company, and they’re planning on making it so successful that they beat their husbands’ family’s company.

However, her ex-boyfriend, Moeketsi, who is the reason behind her divorce is back and it seems he wants her back. He’s ruined her life before, if she’s not smart, he might do it again.