Actress Enhle Mbali dancing stir controversy in Mzansi

Mbali was wearing a golden outfit as she was preparing to attend the launch of the series Blood Psalms, where she played Umna. The actress was upbeat and showed Mzansi flames with her outstanding dancing skills, swaying her . She is, without a doubt, a great dancer, and her classy outfit gave a glow to her performance





Mzansi reacts to Enhle Mbali’s video dancing
Mzansi was impressed with how confident and happy Mbali was, and they wished her nothing but the best. Fans got inspired by how she swayed her hips with so much flexibility as if she were born for it. Moreover, others mentioned that Mbali has successfully healed from her divorce from Black Coffee. Mbali recent opened up about how she mourned all the work she had invested in her failed marriage and her healing journey. The star accepted that her marriage couldn’t work and buried it, resurrecting her good-humoured Mbali.

An Instagram user commented:

Yazi Mbali you are looking good ✨✨✨🔥🔥madam u are frying us with the way you are shacking your waist. I pray that my husband will not see this video 😂😂 he will just abandon me and chase u..U killed it mama Anesu.

Watch actress Enhle Mbali dancing:

Enhle Mbali in healing from her failed marriage with Black Coffee
Businesswoman and actress Enhle Mbali recently revealed her healing journey after her split from DJ Black Coffee. In an interview with Kaya 959 breakfast show featuring Dineo and Sol, Mbali shared how she struggled to cope after her divorce and went to a mental institution that helped her heal.

I was mourning all the work I had put out, all the fight I had put in, all the work to make something work and it didn’t, and that is a death. It is the same thing as mourning a death. I walked myself into a mental health institution and I remember my psychologist saying, ‘you are seven years late but you made it, and from that day healing began.