A mother is happy after they gave their father small meat on his plate

Nkoana, who is known as the head of the Tasingo family, had another moment that was not good. He realised that his children dished him less meat while they had more of it on their plates. Their mother was not happy about it and called them to make her understand what the reason. They have all said that he does not eat a lot, and that is the reason why they have given him a small meal.




On the other hand, it may make sense to someone who does not eat a lot. But then the head of the family and his wife also acknowledged it. He said he should get the most meat, and that is what he is going to get all the time. Their mother was not happy about it and even took some from them and added more to her husband’s plate. Their daughter was seen as the person who was against it at most.

He cannot be blamed because, for the longest time, the head of the family has known getting the most of the meat. It would be amazing for the family in years to come to be reflecting on thrilling moments they had when growing up. You cannot document your entire life all the times, but important moments may be the ones you will love to enjoy in the future. It will be great to show their children how they grew up.

“The Tasingo family was having a great time at the pool. The hard part of the family is that someone can’t swim, and he was forced into it. It was something he did not want to do. His wife and other son are happy, and they are both swimmers. It was amazing for him, and they were trying to give him some lessons about swimming, but he was not ready to go through that process. He wanted to get out of the pool as soon as possible.”

“The Tasingo family is often seen documenting a beautiful lifestyle on social media. He wanted to have a great relationship with his children because that was something he missed with his father. Having to have a father who is working in another province or has been an ongoing way of life The man of the house did not want to have a disconnect with his children or not spend some time with them periodically.”