A lady wanted to do this for Zola 7 but was slammed for Mamkhize

South African social media has been blazing for the whole week following an initiative made by the black twitter president pleading with celebrities to contribute in helping former celebrities Zola 7.




With hearing the call, Mamkhize and her son Andile Mpisane saw this an opportunity to step up and help a fellow brother. After her visit to Zola, social media has been flooding with mixed emotions but what really caught our attention was one social media user who says she tried to help Zola before but did not succeed.

“I also tried to contact Zola a week ago with the help of her friend but his phone ran unanswered and other times it was off. We were organising a gig for him with the SG of not in my name. While we were still on that a gentleman I do some work for called me to offer school fees for all Zola’s kids because he had learnt that the fees were most important thing he needs right now,” read the post.