A biker from Soweto has installed a sound system on his bike

A biker from Soweto has a bike installed with a sound system at the back, and that is something that may not be popular yet around the country. He has modified the bike so that it can carry his sound system and also be ridden without a struggle. It is much simpler to make something that would make you happier, and it may not be expensive. Anything that you see being fashionable and trending has also started somewhere. It does not have to be a lot of people who are going to be part of that journey because some people will start something nice even if there are only five of them.


Other bikers have done it, but not with the kind of sound system he has installed on his bike. It also shows creativity and what that person can do for themselves in the future. It may be a way to discover what your child would want to do and then support him or her with something that will contribute to his goal or future. It may not look good to other people, but there is potential within the idea, and many people have started where it was not noticed from the beginning. They would be able to see it when that person is successful and thriving in those abilities.

If you look at the story of spinning cars in South Africa, it is believed it came from a place where it was not supported. It was seen as gangsters spinning cars randomly, and it was amazing to watch the experience. That is where it is believed that other people who were not into criminal activities loved the idea of spinning cars and promoted it without committing crime. That is why there has been a culture where people will spin a car at any time of the day, and you will see people coming around to watch. Mostly, it is seen by people who are driving BMW vehicles, preferably old models.