Word of encouragement to AKA And family for losing his fiance

I would to like to tell this young man to be strong. Everything happens for a reason. And I encourage everyone else who has been in this situation. This is a case not be joked about.

They were happy but Satan attacked the young lady. Satan hates good. May Nelli tembes soul rest in peace. Where you are going there is peace and joy, there is no drama.

Even though it is painful to those you left behind. They are left in shock. I decree and I declare that from today God will give you the spirit of peace. God will strengthen you were you’re weak.

God has a reason for taking aka’s fiance and it is for a reason and don’t know the reason but God knows, God want to strengthen you. Let us encourage this young man as believers of Christ.

When someone is in deep pain you comfort the person not adding to the pain the person is going through. We were born to be there for each other. We are brothers and sisters.

May the family of aka and Nelli be strong in the Lord. This is no time to be pointing fingers at anyone. It is time to try and make peace with your heart and God will give you strength to keep on staying strong.

We are not of this world, and we are all going to live this earth. Because it is not our home. Be strong God Is by your side. Alot of people have faced deeper things than what you going through ,we all face challenges that will make you ask yourself why me? .

Aka you are big and such challenges face bigger people so that they can grow and not relax in the position they are in. May God take you to another level in life ,spiritually and physical and in music industry may you be given strength to carry on with your music carrier.