Sfiso’s widow Ayanda Ncwane & Desmond Dube’s secret relationship finally exposed to the public in 2023.

Both Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube are frequently seen on our televisions; we are familiar with them because they appear in commercials for the insurance company Clientele.

To answer the question of what kind of they have, one might say that it is a positive one that is primarily professional in nature.





Secret p of Ayanda & Desmond exposed to the public
Ayanda Ncwane, the widow of the late Sifiso Ncwane, has been featured in all of Clientele’s advertisements for life cover. It’s possible that she became an ambassador for Clientele, much like Desmond Dube and Lilian Dube before her.

They both work for the same company, but their relationship is closer to that of friends than it is to that of coworkers because they collaborate on advertisements.

Secret relationship of Ayanda & Desmond exposed to the public
These individuals are wonderful representatives of the clientele lifestyle, and she ought to be viewed as representatives only; nothing more and nothing less. Simply by watching them on television, you can tell how much they enjoy what they do.

Desmond Dube, an artist, and Ayanda Ncwane, also an actor, both work for Clientele and are simply friends with one another. They need to keep their friendships strong and continue to collaborate.

Secret relationship of Ayanda & Desmond exposed to the public
Clientele Limited The revelation of Ambassador Desmond Dube’s salary has Mzansi in a state of surprise.
Desmond Dube has been thrust onto the map of the world as a result of his participation in a variety of projects that are broadcast on screens in South Africa. Because he has been appearing on our screens for so many years, the people of Mzansi have developed a strong affection for his persona.

Following the meteoric rise to fame that Dube experienced, Clientele Limited Group offered him an ambassadorial role, and he has since wowed Mzansi with his extraordinary advertising abilities. Because of his one-of-a-kind way of interacting with his followers, he was successful in making his advertisement on Clientele interesting. Since Desmond Dube has been a member of Clientele Limited Group for such a long time, a lot of people are probably curious about how much he gets paid.

The Clientele Limited Group is a diversified financial services group that has hired well-known public figures in the advertising industry to work as their ambassadors. Some of these public figures include Lilian Dube and Ayanda Ncwane. Since Clientele Limited Group has been successful in retaining the services of the legendary performer Desmond Dube as one of their brand ambassadors for such a long period of time, it is indisputable that the company offers competitive wages to its workforce.

The following is an illustration of Desmond Dube’s monthly remuneration.

As of the year 2022, Desmond Dube is reportedly receiving a monthly salary of approximately R120000. Because he is one of the highest paid brand ambassadors in Mzansi, he is able to maintain an extravagant standard of living thanks to his salary.

In addition to receiving a salary every month, Desmond Dube was provided with complimentary full coverage for both funeral and legal plans. In addition, as a result of his employment, he was able to boost his social media accounts and become the center of attention.

Dube was not a famous person prior to becoming the brand ambassador for Clientele Limited Group; however, at this point, who doesn’t recognize him? When discussing clientele, it is impossible to avoid discussing him at some point in the conversation.

Awards and nominations received throughout Desmond Dube’s career

He is an actor who has won numerous awards and has a collection of trophies to show for it. As a result of his performance in Joburg Blues, Desmond Dube was honored with the Avanti Award for Best Comedic Actor. His performance in the SASOL ‘Amaglugglug’ commercial earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the film Suburban Bliss, as well as awards for Promising Writer at the Stellenbosch Festival and Best Supporting Actor at the Loerie Awards. He also won the award for Best Contrio at the Loerie Awards.