“Thank you for loving me” Isibaya actor tells his wife.

Life is too short and unpredictable. Appreciate the people in your life while you still can. Being angry is allowed but don’t go to bed angry, because that might be the last memories you have with a loved one. Tell the people in your life that you love them, while you still can.

Andile Mxakaza is one of the veteran actors in the industry. He has been in the industry for many years now. The actor is mostly known for his role on Mzansi Magic’s Isibaya. Where he plays the role of Fezile. It is sad that we won’t be seeing many of them with the show ending. 

The actor is a very private person but he doesn’t shy away from showing his woman love every now and then on his Instagram account. He is always showing his wife DJ Ladydu love. He posted a picture of her and captioned it “thank you for loving me”. That’s so sweet of him. 

Bizizi With Her Stuning pictures And Her car

Here is a South African singer with her Stuning pictures and own car

Her real name is Buhle Zizi better known for her stage name Bizizi, is a South African singer-songwriter, she is a energetic dancer who got styles in most of music videos. She is best known by the Thuso Phalaza by Dj Cleo.

She was born 20 October in 1994 and raised in Johannesburg at the side of Soweto.

In real life She drive white KIA car that she usual post pictures on this car on social media, even though she goes to even post pictures of this KIA car or white Mercedes Benz Viano.

Here is a pictures of this car and the Mercedes Benz

She is a beautiful woman who has a stunning pictures, she knows how to wear fashion style clothes because she owns difference of them. After watching her pictures you would think if she wasn’t girlfriend of Kaygee Daking, she is not single but taken.

Here is a picture of her boyfriend and her

Ayanda Ncwane cannot do this anymore after Sfiso Ncwane was food poisoned

A lot of people are convinced that Ayanda Ncwane brings so much drama in the Real Housewives of Durban show.

Every time an episode airs, people always gave something to say about Ayanda. It could be the way she dresses, talks, or the way she just does things on the show. It seems like Ayanda has “that thing” that gets her name on people’s lips. She is one lovable person.

Amanda recently spoke about something sensitive on The Real Housewives of Durban. She spoke about food poisoning. She mentioned that everyone knows that her late husband Sfiso Ncwabe died of food poisoning.

Because of this, she said that she no longer eats the food that is served when she attends gatherings. She tries, by all means, to protect herself from the same thing happening to her.

Would you also be cautious like Ayanda Ncwane is if you were in the same situation of experiencing the death of someone close to you because of food poisoning? Leave a comment and let us know. Don’t forget to also leave a like, share, and follow us for more daily entertainment news.

Mother and daughter photo challenge that left Mzansi speechless

Girls often get pregnant and have children who are old enough to be their sisters.

A tweet came from a woman who posted a picture of herself with her daughter on Twitter, but people were not happy that the mother and the daughter looked the same, it seems no difference in age.

In this case a mother who was pregnant but who was still too young was accused of having the child of someone else. She appears no older than her daughter, like a mother and daughter.

Anyway, we must realize that not everyone or lady can have their kids when they are older. If they get older, they’ll have fewer chances of conceiving. It is advisable to have children as early as possible to avoid being told you can not have kids because of problems with your eggs.

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Recent Photos Of Dintle From Scandal (Mapaseka) Along With Her Baby Girl.

Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong is a South African actress who is famously known as Dintle on Scandal that is aired on ETV every week days. She was born on the 23rd of March in 1989 that means she is currently 32 years old now. She is not only an actress but also a business woman and a blogger .

She is married to her husband who is known as Nelson Nyokong. It is very difficult to find anything on Mapaseka because she is a very private person. According to what we could find she only have one child who is a baby girl.

Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong

When it comes to style and fashion she is your to go girl. She doesn’t disappoint, each and every outfit that she wears suit her perfectly fine because she is a well gifted lady with curves. She is into fashion and her bubbly personality just compliments everything about her.

Her personality is not that different from her role that she plays on scandal. She is as vibby as Dintle but Dintle can be a little bit sly sometimes and that is where they both differ. Here are some other photos of her that will leave you breathless and wanting to change your wardrobe.