Kelly Khumalo opens up about her lockdown troubles

Kelly Khumalo. Picture: InstagramAfter two weeks of lockdown, many South Africans, including singer Kelly Khumalo, seems to be suffering from cabin fever.

Like many others, she’s been trying her best during this time.

She’s been homeschooling her kids, drinking her gin and making pasta. But on Tuesday she got candid about the experience.

“This is not fun anymore.

“A drink is no longer nice. Cooking is not fun anymore. My eyes hurt from watching too much TV. My bed is depressing. I know this is for the best, but f**k this is tough. A hug would do” she said on Twitter.

She also admitted her “unending stash” of alcohol was not helping.She said she was hopeful things would be okay one day. “I know everything will be ok. In fact, more than ok. (I) just had to be human even just for a day, I don’t really get a lot of those in my life,” she told a follower.

Lalla Hirayama apologises for insensitive TikTok video

Lalla Hirayama
Picture: InstagramLocal TV personality Lalla Hirayama has issued an apology following backlash from her TikTok parody video of a coloured woman singing “2 Legit 2 Quit”.

Taking to her Twitter page on Thursday, Hirayama admitted that she “was not being sensitive to the climate in SA” and that she “intended only to entertain”.

“I made a TikTok video on Tuesday which was offensive to some of my fellow South Africans. Also, I published it during a time when we each face new and unfamiliar pressures. Moreover, I was not sensitive to the climate in SA as we prepare to enter the 4th week of isolation together. I will be more aware of our collective context”, the note read.

She continued: “TikTok is a new platform that many of us are learning how to apply ourselves to. It is satirical in nature and my warning to others using the platform is, despite the mechanic relying on you impersonating others, that in the South African context we must always respect the culture nuances of our countrymen.

“My efforts were intended only to be entertaining. to share some uniquely South African “thing” we celebrate as part of what makes us so good at overcoming adversity when the chips are low. I am sorry to know that it angered people.

“I am aware that my understanding of the TikTok post was potentially short-sighted, I will never be able to take that back. It was not meant to offend any race. I will however, continue to learn as much as I can everyday about the rich diversity in South Africa so as to be more emphatic and contribute in a positive way.”

Trevor Noah’s ‘white brother’ leaves fans shook

Trevor Noah and Miguel Pregueiro. Picture: Instagram/Sean GallagherTikTok star and singer Miguel Pregueiro left fans shook over the weekend after a video him reaching out to Trevor Noah went viral.

In the video posted by Pregueiro on TikTok, he addressed Noah and says that many of his followers have pointed out that he looks like “The Daily Show” host.

He goes into a hilarious skit about why people think they could look alike including his hair, dimples and smile.

Pregueiro then reaches out to Noah and asks to respond and joking said, “this has nothing to do with the fact that you have an influence that might just project me to the next level of my career. And get me to where I want to and fulfil all my dreams…This has to do with the fact that we might be brothers.”

He ends off by leaning into the camera saying that wh

Lasizwe’s proof of electricity tweet leaves tweeps divided

YouTuber Lasizwe Dambuza’s good deed hit a bump in the road after he posted proof of it which divided tweeps. Lasizwe Dambuza. Picture: Twitter

On Tuesday, the “Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It” reached out to his fans in these uncertain times and asked those in need to send their electricity meter numbers.

Following this, Lasizwe posted a screenshot of the R100 electricity voucher he sent including the caption: “To everyone I bought electricity for, Please use it wisely.”

Letoya Makhene spreads a message of hope during lockdown

Letoya Makhene. Picture: InstagramThe coronavirus pandemic has heightened uncertainty over finances, relationships and employment among others.

As a result, many people have developed feelings of anxiety and fear. That being said many people find refuge in music as a way to relax and relieve the stress.

In a bid to encourage fellow South Africans during these difficult times, local musician and tradition healer Letoya Makhene is spreading the message of hope and healing through her new song, “Ngihawukele” which loosely translated means “Forgiveness or Pardon.”

Taking to her Instagram page, the former “Generations: The Legacy” star shares the powerful message to the nation, she wrote: “ This song is about healing…To every South African that is feeling hopeless, discouraged or helpless…this song is for you. God and the ancestors are watching over us and we shall all overcome. Love & Light “Ngihawukele” is a common chorus among izangoma or traditional healers. Seemingly, the song has received a warm reception, judging by the messages on Makhene’s timeline.

Instagram user Nkosazana Kagogo said: “Am listening to it right now ingumlilo. thank you. mbokodo”

Another user, Jamani Khanyisile commented :”Wow nice song sisi #ThokozaGogo. I love that u are proud of being Makhosi . Heal us sisi we are here to Support u.”

“Thank you…a much needed massage, ” added another Instagram user who goes by the name Angel Shelembe.

Listen to the song below: