You will be left speechless by these recent photos of Sophie Ndaba!


Former generations and lockdown actor Sophie Ndaba is one of the celebrities who had bullied, trolled and laughed at throughout the years for her Rapid weight loss. People knew Sophie Ndaba from generation as ka thick woman. However, due to her sugar diabetes which was uncontrollable, Sophie Ndaba lost lot of weight and end Up being too thin to a point where people started to wonder what could be the problem.


Sophie Ndaba told Tshisalive that people think it is funny for her to lose half of herself, and people made joke out of her situation. Sophie clapped back to all the haters who ridiculed her on social platforms. Sophie said that her weight loss affected her, family and her business.

Sophie Ndaba is currently recovering very well and she looks amazing on her recent photos.

I’m so happy too for Sophie Ndaba and I wish her all the best in her recovery journey.

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Bad news for Uzalo fans

Horrendous news for Uzalo aficionados

Uzalo watchers are disillusioned with the Uzalo storyline.

Darlings are pondering the Uzalo’s scriptwriter, how might somebody cowl a homicide by methods for additionally killing the casualty’s mother because of the way that increments numerous suspensions.

Darlings are stating they’re disillusioned with the storyline and if the man or lady of Qhabanga and Gabisile gets returned on the whole after the homicide of Nomcebo, they may at this point don’t watch the presentation since it cannot be attainable. Aficionados says they expected best Mazaza to be the main to be mordered as she knows about all the violations Gabisile gave and she or he furthermore have been making their carries on with discouraging taking steps to had Gabisile over to the police, so it may had been catch if they resolved to quiet, Nomcebo’s segment in this wreck was an all out stun to the viewere.

The storyline if Sbonelo that is performed by means of Wiseman Mncube is additionally getting guests uncomfortable to for what reason would he pick an existence of wrongdoing when he has clinical confirmation and an ensured doctor, it seems like any part is possible inside the roads of KwaMashu.

Darlings found that they’re starting to lose enthusiasm with the guide of the showcase as the entire thing is erratic, matters exchange from one moment to each other with no alerts.

What is your perspective in this recollect, is the storyline of Uzalo horrible? Comment under and remember to extent.


Is Somizi Lying? Look What Made People Talk

Apparently the popular, young, good looking presenter and actor Somizi Mhlongo. He received e-wallet worth nine thousand, he then took to twitter that there is a stranger who sent him nine thousand. Somizi wants to return the money but he does not know how, hence why he took to twitter and asked for help.

People were very happy for the fact that Somizi wants to return the money, he did not keep quiet about it. Some are still stuck in the fact that how can a stranger send nine thousand throught e-wallet, when the limit is actually three thousand daily.

Some said maybe Somizi meant three strangers sent him money, each three thousand, but people still feel like this whole story might be a lie, there is no such thing. Some people do not think this is a lie, with all being said Somizi has a good heart and nothing will change that.People might have misheard Somizi because on the image, it is written R3000 sent, not R9000.

Do not forget to mask up in public places, sanitize and keep your distance. Be safe.

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Check Booking Prices Of The “John Vuli Gate” Girl. The Prices Left Many In Stitches

South Africa is a country which is full of possibilities, and for some they are breakthrough comes when the least expected.

People know that social media is a very powerful tool as it can either make or break you. Most people got their breakthroughs after posting their businesses or doing something which they never thought will impress thousands of people and be recognized.

Young ladies broke the internet last week when a video of them dancing to the famous song “John Vuli Gate” went viral after a challenge started on social media. Most people were impressed with the ladies dance moves and that led the young girls to grab attention.

One of them got the most attention as people believed that she was the group leader because her dance moves were fire. She stood out from the rest of the group and people believed that her future is bright in the entertainment industry.

The girl who is now famously known as “Stocko” has now came forward with her booking rates, she charges for Events, Weddings, Appearance, Mc. She has seen an opportunity to make money and have a name for herself as she’s now riding solo without her friends.

Below check her booking rates and how South Africans Reacted after they saw the prices and that she’s riding solo.

Her booking rates turned the country upside down on social media as many felt like she’s trying to rip people off.

See comments below.

Some were behind her and believed that she will make it while others felt like the Prices were too much.

Meet Senzo Meyiwa’s Wife, Mandisa Mkhize

Just in case, you did not know her, this is the late Senzo Meyiwa’s wife, Mandisa Mkhize. If there is anything that we have noticed from Mandisa is that she has healed or in the healing process.

Some few months back, one could tell that Mandisa was having the best time of her life and enjoying some time with her child.

It is hard to imagine how things are at the current moment because Mandisa and Senzo’s family and friends probably have had to deal with pain that comes as a result of this coming up again.

The whole of South Africa might know that there have been some progress that has been made in the Senzo Meyiwa murder case.

It is hard to tell how this has affected Mandisa in particular because she kind of have to be strong for the sake of their child.

Senzo has been married to Mandisa since 11 March 2013 and they seemed happy until Senzo supposedly, cheated on his wife with singer Kelly Khumalo and this is according to BRIEFLY.

Go to for more on how the cheating affected Mandisa.

But, regardless of her husband’s infidelity, she never filed for divorce, she probably thought that things would get back to where they were.

A lot has happened between them, but they probably kept one thing in mind, that they had to keep things intact for the sake of their daughter.