Natasha Thahane recent pictures had caused a stir on Instagram

The beautiful young famous actress of The Bloodand Water streamed on Netflix had shared her new recent pictures rocking her news pixie hair cut.

She is part of the well known and most streamed series Blood and Water family, as she had been given the character of wendy.


The blood and water actors and other creatives are out in cape town celebrating their successful production and release of Blood and Water season 3.

Natasha looked so stunning in her pink stylish traditional dress. She looked so exquisite as always.

One might even say that she looks like a new woman. She had left her fans in an awe with her short hairstyle. She got flooded with likes and comments on her Instagram page.

She had also posted a video dancing with some popular content creators, her snapback game was so evident. She is a new mom and had just given birth to her first child but she looks so amazing and beautiful.