Mbali Choosing A Man Over Her Mother In #etvScandal

To save her marriage to Jojo, Mbali has decided to sacrifice her own mother. Can you imagine? Watch tonight as the journey begins and don’t miss any of the action on #etvscandal this week.

People are left in disbelief after seeing Mbali in Scandal killing mother using a picture. Viewers still cannot believe that a person can kill you just by using your photo. People had to delete their pictures after seeing what Mbali just did. Viewers has been rooting for Mbali, but now she has gone over board.




Mbali literally turned against her whole family for a man that doesn’t even love her. #etvScandal viewers wish Jojo can keep on rejecting Mbali even after this sacrifice, they want her to regret it for the rest of her life.

Mzansi were disappointed after seeing her begging Mbali to forgive her and Bawinile. Petunia deserve this for choosing Mbali even when she was wrong and never reprimanding her. Mbali has to go through so much work to kill her own mother to get back together with a man that does not want. We hope Winnie will get her happy ending with her child.

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