Happy birthday Kudzai Mushonga🎉🎉

Happy birthday Kudzai Mushonga🎉🎉
Khanyi Mbau’s boyfriend and ATM machineBiography
Kudzai Mushonga (born 1994) Zimbabwean businessperson. He is well-known for dating famous actress Khanyi Mbau. Although, he is reportedly trending as a fugitive in his country.




Many sites reported him to have engaged in fraudulent activities. He has defrauded microfinance in Zimbabwe after borrowing a sum of money.Early Life
Kudzai Mushonga is born in Village Way in Borrowdale, Brook Harare in Zimbabwe. Although, he has refused to disclose his age and date of birth. People nicknamed him Ndege Boy for spending huge on buying private planes.

Aside from these alleged crimes, Borrowdale-born businessman Mushonga has worked as a musician. He was addressed by the stage name Ndege Boy.

Personal Life
Kudzai Mushonga is dating Khanyi Mbau, a South African actress. They have been dating for a while the prominent businessman spoils his girlfriend with gifts.On February 14, 2022, he got her a valentines card, roses, and some balloons. They made headlines in 2021 after she received a private performance by a violinist. He also bought her over a thousand roses and Louis Vuitton gifts.

Although, their relationship has experienced a few challenges. While they were enjoying a vacation in Dubai in 2021, Khanyi did not come home by 2 am after going to the salon.

Mushonga left posts on social media that shocked many followers. Some hours later, he posted that his girlfriend flew back to South Africa without letting him know.

According to him, they both moved to Dubai to start a business. However, she left without letting him know.

Although, Khanyi never said a thing about the occurrence. The businessman has gotten rid of the videos with an apology to her. She has praised Kudzai for showing her support. The duo is on good terms and has overcome the problem.

Airline Rumors
The law came for him after his involvement in a crime in September 2016.

Reports covered that he siphoned US$166,000, about R2 million, from a Zimbabwean-based microfinance company. He and his friends forged bank statements and documents claiming they owned Dream Air Company.

After a thorough investigation, the airline doesn’t exist.

A fleet of luxurious cars is parked in Kudzai Mushonga’s garage. He drives Ferraris, Rolls Royce, Bentleys, and others. Although he has crime allegations on his head, he is doing well.

Net Worth
Many address him as Ndege Boy, a nickname he earned after spending a lot of money on private planes. He has continued to amass a fortune. He has an estimated net worth of US$5 million as of June 2022.

FAQ on Kudzai Mushonga
Is Kudzai Mushonga a Fugitive?
Reports have it that Kudzai Mushonga is wanted by the Zimbabwean police for defrauding a microfinance company of US$166,000, about R2.4 million.

What did Kudzai Mushonga do?
Mushonga reportedly defrauded a Zimbabwean company of over R2.4 million. He and his friends robbed the microfinance company. The forged documents claimed they owned an airline Dream Air Company.

What is the meaning of the name Kudzai?
Kudzai in South Africa means Respect, Honor, Nurture, and Grow. In Zimbabwe, the name translates to Praise or respect.

What is Kudzi net worth?
Kudzai has an estimated net worth of US$5 million as of June 2022. Apart from his alleged fraud case, he made money from his career as a musician.