Generations: Lucy saves the day and feeds Oby a diseased liver letting Gadaffi and Aya off the hook

While you’re here, please follow me

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived (well, if I’m being honest not everyone was against Oby)! Oby and her cult storyline has ended and everyone was left confused with how things unfolded!

So a few days ago, Oby suggested that Tshidi must be killed since she knows too much. So, as it became clear now, Gadaffi was not spared from the hypnosis and witchcraft. Everything he did, he did unaware and under Oby’s spell! He was shook when he realized he was Oby’s supplier of livers! So, this whole time, Oby had Gadaffi as her zombie and he would do anything to please her since he was her slave!

Seeing that the first diseased liver did not work, Lucy made came up with a Plan B of organizing another liver from a corpse! This plan was initiated by Gadaffi, which is stunning since he stopped Oby from eating the first one! She did not tell anyone of her team (Malinga and Tshidi) and good for her, she actually succeeded! Oby ate the corpse liver and immediately lost all her supernatural powers! This happened at the exact moment that Ayanda almost sliced Tshidi open! He called out “No Ayanda! Don’t do it” and that is how Tshidi was saved! She was so grateful to Gadaffi for saving her since his voice brought Ayanda to sanity! He could not believe that he was used as a zombie to hurt people he once loved, including Ayanda who betrayed him at some point!





So, yes! That’s how Oby bowed out! For most people however, this was not a good exit because she was onto something and this storyline dragged for so long for them to just make her eat a liver and leave! No explanations, no getting back her powers back! No fighting!

Here are the comments on the ending!