Former The Queen actress Khanya Mkangisa ‘Akhona’ announces pregnancy 😍

Former The Queen actress Khanya Mkangisa ‘Akhona’ announces pregnancy. She reveals on her Instagram account that she is expecting her first child.

The South African actress announced her pregnancy on social media, breaking her silent.She revealed the news well, as she appears on the cover of Nouncouche’s magazine with her uncovered baby bump. She wrote:@ilovekhanya is a MOM! Our 18th issue celebrates this dynamic woman’s achievements and more so her most precious gift, her beautiful baby boy. The award-winning actress and TV presenter speaks to Bonnie about her career, being an only child to being a mom to her first child.Her incredible acting abilities have helped her become a household figure in the world of entertainment. She embodies dynamite in tiny packaging; her figure is petite, but she is a megastar actor.Besides being a great actress, Khanya is a highly educated lady with a degree to show for it. She started her career in entertainment as a teenager, and she nurtured her talent by studying hard so she could be a certified entertainer with educational qualifications.Khanya Mkagisa did her matric at a local boarding school, and she became a responsible young lady and studied hard to excel in her studies to make her single mother proud. She was also a netball player, and her netball skills made her famous at her school.




Although she was a great netball player, she passed her matriculation with good grades, and she enrolled in tertiary education. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in motion photography and television at the University of Johannesburg.She went on to become a full-time entertainer after graduating, and she has won several awards during her career. She has been in various television acting roles, proving that she is not in the entertainment sector to play. Her persona on The Queen demonstrates that she is here for serious business.