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Scandal: Duma and Aya make progress with exposing Boniswa as a murderer

Boniswa’s role has annoyed so many people. She keeps winning and in the absence of Romeo who was a mastermind, most people lost hope that she will be exposed before he comes back!







Scandal had to make do with what they have and that’s using Duma and Poloko to help their sister see Boniswa for the witch that she is. Working with Aya is quite hard because in the words of the Duma, Aya is obsessed with Boniswa so she will not see through her without help from he and Poloko!

The two got the CCTV footage from Grace, and on the footage from the day the man she was supposed to sleep with- in exchange for silence from Mamba- was killed, a mysterious woman is seen ducking the cameras. The two recognize the jacket as a jacket she owns. They entertain the possibility that the jacket is reversible but how do they prove that when Boniswa has made sure they are not even welcome in Mamba’s house?

They call for Thando to reach out to Aya so she can meet them under false pretense. They present heir suspension to her and she’s quite reluctant, being sure that Boniswa would never hurt a fly, what more for a strong man that would need so much strength to be killed? If anything, she’s suspicious of them and confused on who to trust. They emphasize that they think Boniswa is a murderer and is dangerous… They tell her doing this will give her a chance to see the truth!

They show her the jacket and it becomes clear that she knows it. They ask her to go into Boniswa’s wardrobe and see if it’s reversible. I didn’t think she’d go through with it! After a considerable amount of convincing, Aya is on board!

She goes into the wardrobe and just as she’s about to check the jacket, Boniswa appears and asks her what she’s doing there! That’s how last night’s episode ended but I’m really hoping she doesn’t tell her the truth because that will open up room for her cover her tracks!

She has offered an apology after passing out during her performance

There’s not much that we hear of an artist performing on stage and passing out, but recently this is what happened today’s South African music star. But she has since taken to social media to apologize for passing out during her performance on stage.





Lady Du, according to Celebsnow media publication, it has been reported that she took to her social media platforms to apologize to have fence after she passed out on stage. She decided to open up on her feelings and said that she tried so hard to be strong during a performance but failed.

Lady Du, revealed that after passing out during a performance she has decided to take some time off, from stage. She further revealed that she tried so hard to keep things together and be able to handle the last gig but unfortunately she broke down.

“To the fans that show me pass out last night, I apologize, I tried so hard to be strong, I tried to keep it together. I thought I’ll be able to handle the last gig, but I broke down, I don’t know how are ever perform Umsebenzi wethu. I’m taking some time off! Thank you,” wrote Lady Du.

Killer Kau girlfriend opens up with a heartfelt tribute

The mood around South Africa hasn’t been so great over the past few days following the death of amapiano stars, Killer Kau, Mpura, Khanya Hadebe, and and three others who have not been identified.






Killer kau’s girlfriend, Olwethu Mkhwanazi, according to celebsnow media publication has croquette her silence since losing her partner over the weekend to the horrific accident.

Yesterday, Olwethu share the tribute to her partner that has left everyone broken she compiled videos of the moments they both shared, playing Aaliyah’s song I miss you.

To My Sakhii:

There’s literally no great pain my heart has been ripped out of my it didn’t have to be this soon Kodwa Sakhii. I literally don’t have the words right now but I love you my Ace!

Song: “I Miss you” by Aaliyah

According to Zalebs Media publication the two were planning to get married. And this was said on the comments section by Kamo Mphela, saying that she’s lost for words.

“Just Saturday you were telling me how you gonna get married to him, I am so lost for words,” said Kamo on the comment section.

Someone who has also not taken the news great is Lady Du, and she revealed that she’s been depressed and suicidal in her life and the passing of the armour piano stars is another one that she’s struggling to deal with.

“I’ve been through so much in my life, I’ve been depressed, suicidal, I survived all that, today is a lie in my bed crying I feel a pain that takes me to a dark place. I feel numb, weak, the toxic environment I’m entering is not good for my heart. I’m crying for my friends, I have to deal with toxic people, still have to smile and act brave. People telling me to ignore everything, how??” Said Lady Du.

So sad indeed for the girlfriend of the amapiano star, and they are friends who have lost their loved ones in this horrific accident.

May the girlfriend and the friends that they have lost their friend find refuge under the Shadow of the Lord.

The Untold Love Story Of Connie And Shona Ferguson: Very Heart Throbbing

Shona married Connie only 2 months after they met. As I always tell you ladies, a man knows what he wants. And he doesn’t waste time in acquiring what he wants. A man knows from day one whether he will marry you or not. If he’s the slow type, within a few weeks. Believe you me, he doesn’t need months and years to figure that out.



If you don’t know whether you are going to be his wife or not, it’s either he doesn’t see you as his wife, or, he, as a guy, isn’t serious about the idea of marriage.

Both these scenarios do not necessarily mean that you aren’t a good girlfriend, or even a good woman. As I said, men know what they want. If he wants a BMW, but for now he can afford a Polo, he will buy the Polo while saving for his BMW. This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with the Polo, just that it’s not what the man wants, he wants a BMW.

Connie once admitted that she initially hated Shona’s tattoos, but a week after meeting him, she tattooed on her back a smaller version of the dragon tattoo that Shona has on his arm. In response, Shona tattooed Connie’s name in a rose on his arm. Connie would remark that this was “a symbol of love and togetherness.”

Mark that word, “togetherness.” We are doing this relationship thing the wrong way, that’s why it often ends in tears. Do not focus on your partner, focus on your “togetherness.” The relationship is not about your partner, it is not about you, it’s about what the two of you can produce. That’s why compatibility matters.

If you focus on your partner, you start to want to change them, you point out a lot of their faults and things you don’t like in them. This destroys the relationship. But if you focus on your “togetherness,” you will be more concerned about what your different personalities can produce when put together. It’s possible for two imperfect people to have a perfect relationship, but only if they focus on perfecting the relationship, not perfecting each other.

Till death did they part

A man proposed with a Porsche but Tweeps are not having it

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is a big deal. Marriage is a partnership, and every party involved should enter it as an equal. Getting engaged is just the first step into a very beautiful journey, a step that most girls spend their entire teen years dreaming of.

One tweep posted a man proposing and captioned “Dude proposed with a porsche on the side.” The black Porsche was right there next to them. There where red roses on the floor. Everything looked beautiful but the mood changed very quickly when Tweeps saw the Porsche.

While the moment was breathtaking, it changed quickly when Tweeps started saying that it’s a trap. One Twitter user said: “Accept the proposal and open the door to abuse for the rest of her life. Only desperation would make her accept… “My Opinion.”

The other one went on to say that the man wasn’t sure about himself that’s why he had to buy a Porsche, he knew she won’t say no. Popping the question is a huge moment for any couple, and most of the time, it’s down to the proposer to get it just right. The pressure!