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Simphiwe Dana sets the record straight on helping an alleged abuser

Award-winning musician Simphiwe Dana has set the record straight after she was called out for helping an alleged abuser.

This comes after a social media user hit back at the singer who has been expressing her viewers on gender-based violence on her social media platforms.Simphiwe Dana

In a now-deleted tweet, the user said that Simphiwe was being a hypocrite by adding her voice to the outrage after she helped a man that was abusive.

Simphiwe said that at the time of helping him, she did not know he was abusing his partner.

Following the tweeps revelation, many social media users dragged the singer.

Simphiwe went on to say that her biggest disappointment was women who do not believe her because she is a celebrity.

“My biggest disappointment has been women who chose to not believe me because apparently ‘celebrities’ can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Women I adored. When I outed Mohale aboPenxenxe attacked me”, she tweeted.

The dragging did not stop.

The hitmaker, who recently released the critically acclaimed album, “Bamako”, then penned a thread detailing how she helped the accused abuser and how after finding out he had abused his girlfriend, outed him.

“I’m explaining this for the very last time. I’m not sure why it’s not clear but here we go. My sibling got a call from her best friend at the time, Mohau, frantic, saying that he was in jail in Kenya and that his passport was confiscated. My sibling was also frantic”, she said

Get to know Gomora actress Sannah Mchunu aka Teddy’s mom, Zodwa

You know her Teddy’s mom, Zodwa on Mzansi Magic’s new hit telenovela Gomora or as Normashiya during her time on Muvhango. Sannah Mchunu is a talented South African actress with years of acting as well as life experiences.1. Sannah Used To Dance For Brenda Fassie

In her teen years, Sannah used to dance for late music icon Brenda Fassie. Unfortunately, she had to stop after falling pregnant.

2. She Married Young

In an interview with Move Magazine, the actress revealed that she was married young but her marriage didn’t work out.
She’s A SurvivorSannah Mchunu

The mother of seven is a survivor of domestic abusive. In an interview with Drum Magazine, she revealed that the abuse lasted for years during her nine-year marriage until she freed herself from her abusive partner.

3. Acting Wasn’t Part Of The Plan

It was not in Sannah’s plan to get into the television industry. She just wanted any job she could find to help provide for her family. One day she accompanied a friend to an audition she was asked by one of the directors to audition and the rest is history.

4. She’s A Seasoned Actress

Although popular for her roles on Muvhango and Gomota, Mchunu boasts many years of television experience having starred in over 15 shows. She’s starred on The River, Rythm City, The Queen, Isibaya, Generations but to name a few.

Lesego Marakalla is leaving SKEEM SAAM !

Lesego Marakalla is leaving the popular drama series Skeem Saam. The award winning actress who was playing Rachel Kunutu is taking a break from entertainment industry.

Lesego has been playing Rachel Kunutu for 8 years, starting as a high school learner to being a wife and a nurse. The actress character has been controversial but despite that fans loved every bit of her.

The actress is saying goodbye to her fans and her fellow colleagues. She is not sure if ahe is going to be back at the spotlight again, meanwhile she is focusing on her life outside TV.

Her last scene will be this friday. We wish her all the best.