Italian bathroom wall tile designs 2017

Italian bathroom wall and floor tiles are known for their elegant, sophisticated and strictly minimalist designs. The wall tiles are generally made of marble but they range from ceramic tiles to natural

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bathroom 3d tile designs 2017

Tiles of variant bright colors placed alternately gives the walls a 3D texture. Lights are placed in such a manner that their shadows also add up to the texture giving the whole space a cool ambiance. The color of tiles and walls are mixed and matched to elevate the ambiance of the bathroom.

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marble tile bathroom design ideas 2017

Types and varieties in the marble are so wide spread, that at times you mind it confusing, especially, where you will have to make a choice of a single design. There are the 3D marbles, where nature and floral structures are expressed through tiles. You can also express your bathroom to be a luxurious one with black and golden hue.

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