features pictures for short haircuts 2017 trends

hair grows on a daily basis that means your haircut will be altered every single day. It can be expensive to maintain a short haircut much as it looks good. In this post, I have featured detailed tips on how to maintain short hair and at the same time, I have featured a few cool pictures of short haircuts.

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beautiful pictures of Infinity Gele 2017

The infinity gele is a unique and beautiful gele style which is currently trending in Nigeria. The transformation of our favourite Nigerian ceremonial headgear has gone from the old school ‘fanned out’ way, to the creative rose style.

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pictures of short ankara dresses 2017

if its different again its trending , analysis out these trending , Fashionable Short ankara dresses 2017 don’t balloon to share.

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pictures for ladies african wear 2017

A warm and charming skirt for a special wedding. The simple combination makes it easy to be wear the whole of the day without any stress while the beauty of th

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nigerian ankara styles pictures 2017

If your appearance adventurous is cool, chic or bold, the ankara book is one bolt you can uses to accomplish a appearance that clothing your appearance style.

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pictures of ankara peplum tops 2017

So now hopefully you know a bit more about exactly what your friends are on about when they start talking about  peplum. If you haven’t quite got the conviction to go out and buy one for yourself, then our advice would be simply, just give it a go, get something in a plain colour and you will likely be pleasantly surprised at how good it makes you loo

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long pixie cut pictures 2017

easy to wash, style and maintain. Long pixie cut is a great way to go short yet keep feminine and elegant look. Long pixie cuts are so versatile that you can go with choppy pixie, layered pixie, pixie with bangs or angled pixie… Don’t

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pictures of black braid hair styles 2017

is very sophisticated: cornrows, micro braids, fishtail, blocky, black braided buns, twist braids, French braids and more are at your layout. Once you pick a desired braiding style, thickness and

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african kitenge design pictures 2016 2017

African fashion, Ankara, kitenge, Kente, African prints, Braids, Asoebi, Gele, Nigerian wedding, Ghanaian fashion, African wedding ~DKK

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cute acrylic nail designs pictures 2016 2017

Acrylic nail art designs were very popular in the late nineties. In retro periods, there were not available any types of acrylic nail art designs. Acrylic nail art designs have been getting huge popularity since last ten years almost. Rosette acrylic nail art designs were very high in demand in earlier two decades.

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