latest african prints fashion 2017

them, in Africa, frequently alleged “Ankara” Prints in Nigeria, ‘Dutch wax’ in Ghana, “Kanga Prints” in Tanzania and Ande East African countries KNOWN, ikat, batik mud bolt and so on

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latest kitenge dress fashions 2017

Africa approach Kitenge / Kanga / Ankara / Kente / Kemi / Bazin .. Africa Textiles: Kitenge, Kanga, Ankara, Kente, case bolt ..

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Latest Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair 2017

head upwards with fingers. Blow dry hair on sides and back of head downwards. Then with the help of hair gel make spikes finer. Put hair gel on fingers and lift the already lifted hair upward to sharp their edges. Gel will also fix the hairstyle for longer time. This hair style best suits to the women with broad face because the lifted hair on the top makes face look long.

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latest trends in nail art for 2017

New Year also brings forth new trends in many things includingnails. This will dictate what you should be looking to purchase. When the trends do come

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latest shweshwe dresses designs of 2017

A variety of discerning Shweshwe designs, are stylish and fashionable while practical and could last a lifetime. Dress shown below currently available in size M. Use link too seeShweshwe dress designs by African Designers 2017 from South Africa and all over Aside from acceptable abrasion

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Latest Nigerian Short Dresses 2017 # New

short dresses styles allows you to go beyond the usual and think outside the box! Be creative with inspiration all around you by joining the train and look mind blowing in short dresses.

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latest kitenge outfits 2017 fashion

One part is wrapped around the waist, second is wrapped around the chest and the third and the last part of this dress is wear on the head as a scarf which completely covers the area of the head.

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latest ankara fabulous dresses 2017

High on the street style! Yemi is one style influencer…dayum gurl!

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Latest Asoebi Ankara Styles Short Gown 2017

gowns so that the usual long gowns, skirt and blouse can go on a short breaks.

Below are the lovely short gown dresses to rock to those Owambeparties you have lined up.

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latest shweshwe designs Women 2017

latest shweshwe designs Women Casual African Printed fashio

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