african wear design dresses 2017 trends

Ankara Kitenge African women dresses African motifs African menswear Nigerian appearance Ghanaian Mode.

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Strawberry Shortcake Nail Design 2017

When we talk about modern and unique design, we think about this design. Therefore, this one shown above is great and at the same time smart application of different materials and small objects like zircon and tinsels. Especially on the long nails, the design is simply brilliant. Wearable at official occasions, but also at the party as well

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Pink Nail Design 2016 2017 new

You can do these designs on your own or you can ask the help of a professional. Pink is a very adaptable color that can be used by every woman of any age and skin color. With the appropriate pink shade, you can achieve the most beautiful and stunning results.

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panda nail art design trends 2017

These nail arts would look equally good as toenail designs. Each of them is creative, funky and filled with a big bunch of cuteness. The nail paint of each design is extremely thoughtful.

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cute simple african dresses design 2017

Ankara styles are the new norm for society ladies, religious ladies; even corporate ladies are switching and joining this winning team. Do you know why? Your inner beauty is projected by the dress because it always commands attention and respect anywhere you appear in your fab dress.

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new solar nail design for 2017

popularity of solar nail designs has reached heights due to the ease with which it can be applied, because of its durability and also due to its amazing looks. Solar nails are one of the most protective

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Crown Nail Design For 2017 new

Acrylic nails are the best way of representing your style and fashion sense. Apart from using the whole nail to create a unique design, you can use French tip nails to add a crown design either using glitters or

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simple nail art design Ideas 2017

The darker hues become a trend currently. we have a tendency to love the burgundy pretty much owing to its that means, sexy, hot, deep and dangerous. Burgundy is the most effective hue for girls World Health Organization can glam in several designs

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master bedroom remodel design 2017

You do not need a walk-in closet to have a good storage for all your clothes and accessories. This remodeled bedroom closet is simply designed and yet it serves its purpose – to provide the much-needed space to store clothes, shoes, luggage, towels, and beddings.

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bedroom design ideas for small rooms 2017

A classic in modern decoration small bedrooms in studies of high walls is to place the bed on top of the room. In this way, we can take the rest of space as a living room.

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