best children’s bathroom designs 2017

A simple bathroom with a big mirror, some colorful kid’s toys, and extravagantly shaped towel storage area in the dressing area gives a contemporary look to the kids’ bathroom in a minimalistic manner. Nicely designed shower curtain with character prints also gives a cool and upbeat designing

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bathroom 3d tile designs 2017

Tiles of variant bright colors placed alternately gives the walls a 3D texture. Lights are placed in such a manner that their shadows also add up to the texture giving the whole space a cool ambiance. The color of tiles and walls are mixed and matched to elevate the ambiance of the bathroom.

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hygienic 3d bathroom designs for 2017

dynamic and vibrant space in their bathroom. Using 3D designs, you can create a space that evokes both sensuality and shine. 3D layouts for your bathroom would be a creative mix of flooring, tiling, wallpaper, color and lighting. Here are some unique examples of these designs from homes across the globe:

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blue and white bathroom tiles 2017

money and the space to have a luxurious bathing area. For some people, a simple color combination can be used to add beauty and elegance, and blue and white is a very common choice. If you are thinking of using these two colors for your bathroom design idea, you should check out these great samples.

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blue bathroom decorating ideas 2017

This bathroom is pure heaven to look at – dark blue walls in a sea of whiteness. The ceiling compliments the sparkling white tile flooring and the matching white tub and cabinets. And the wooden soap tray at the end of the tub, the framed artworks and the metal shower head provide the much-needed contrast.

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modern bathroom ceiling designs 2017

Spend your lazy evenings gazing at the star studded sky, while relaxing in your tub under a skylight bathroom ceiling. A skylight allows natural sunlight into the bathroom, making it brighter and spacious in appearance. Skylight ceiling adds a fascinating feel to the bathroom.

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Bathroom Ceiling Paint Ideas 2017

Add a new dimension to your bathroom top with eclectic ceiling tiles. You can go for faux brick ceiling using tiles to complement wood flooring. An all white bathroom ceiling is best suitable for dim lit bathrooms. The white ceiling tiles reflect sunlight around the bathroom, making it appear larger.

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