aso ebi styles collections 2016 2017

Aso Ebi Styles. We trust your holiday went well, and also we see how beautifully every one slayed to their Nigerian party this Christmas season.

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aso ebi styles 2016 2017

Today we bring you again something interesting and though a little controversial, we hope it will give more fame to not just the name of the hashtag but also to the Instagram user posting the picture.

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traditional nigerian african women 2017

styles that you can rock this weekend. Ankara prints are fabric, that we are sure never go out of existence, hence the need to keep being creative with its styling, which fashion lovers and fashion designers are doing a

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aso ebi dresses & styles in nigeria 2017

wonderful job at making this possible. The Ankara Prints are one fabric you can never miss in Africa, especially Nigeria. They are seen everywhere, they are worn as day outfits, office outfits, party outfits, almost worn for every occasion in Nigeria.

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aso ebi styles 2017 for nigerian

where a stunning cloth all the time. Fashionistas are going ultra-bold with colorful and eye-popping styles to always make a statement in and always setting fashion trends.

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african attire dresses 2017 for women

The Ankara blazers and jackets are perfect for glamouring up playful jumpsuits, shorts, skirts, dresses and jeans, because it breathe life into an uninspiring outfits.

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top designer watches for men 2017

having to try.  This season we’re still seeing all the great classic silver and gold watches, but now the watch faces are changing, quite drastically, in shape and size.  And you know what?  We’re ok with that.  Here’s our editor’s picks for the best selling and on-trend watches for guys:

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cut and new men’s blazers for 2017

oard meeting or just a trendy sport coat for a night out with friends for dinner and drinks, we’ve got you covered.  The key is all in the fit.  You don’t need your blazer looking like you’re 12 years old again and swimming in your dad’s suit jacket.  Shop our top 8 picks for the ultimate sport coat in spring 201

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top suits for men in 2017

because, let’s be honest, it’s really time to invest in a perfectly fitting tuxedo.  Whether you’re gearing up for your wedding or are just that kind of mover and shaker that needs to sport a tux a few times a year, just buy it.  Don’t rent.  We repeat:

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pretty and trendy tuxedos for men 2016

Don’t Rent.  That is, unless you’re heading to prom.  From midnight blue to classic black and even a little plaid pattern, browse our editor’s picks for the top tuxedos and tux jackets for men this 2016 season.  Get black tie ready!

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