Zola 7 involved in bad car accident

9One of South Africa’s most popular TV personnel and. Kwaito artist Zola 7 has suffered from seizure while he was driving his hot wheel and he got ploughed into a batch of concrete tables and chairs in a spaza shop somewhere around Meadowlands

The violent high-speed of the car crash happend that it even lifted the hard concrete recreational facilities and also had them smashed into pieces

The celebrity star who was in the presents of this Hope with Zola 7 had also gained alot if injuries from all that had happened and also suffered severe blows on his neck and back side

This was said to have been treated by the ambulance assistant people

Claims have it that they were called by the spaza shop near by together with the neighbors

Futher details were then exposed by the angry community people who had their property destroyed after the celebrity had not said anything about replacing the damages

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The poignant details were revealed by the angry Mpanzi, Tsitsi and their neighbours on Thursday after Zola 7 allegedly failed to honour their agreement to replace the damaged tables and chairs.