Woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs

Woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs

A 32-year-old woman is going blind after putting tattoos on her eyeballs.

Despite the cautious counsel of her 7-year-old daughter that she might lose her eyesight, a woman in Northern Ireland who tattooed her eyeballs blue and purple may go entirely blind.




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Currently, mother of five Anaya Peterson, a law student in Belfast, is gradually losing her vision and cannot distinguish characteristics on faces from a distance.

Peterson already has numerous tattoos on her body and face, in addition to having coloured eyeballs and a split tongue.

The Australian model Amber Luke, who also has tattooed eyeballs, served as inspiration for the 32-year-severe-old’s body alteration.

Peterson, on the other hand, didn’t initially encounter many difficulties.

In spite of some headaches and dryness, she went in to get her left eye inked in December of the same year that she had her right eye inked in blue.

She reported to the New York Post that in August 2021, she woke up with eyes that were excessively puffy and seemed as though she had engaged in “five rounds with Mike Tyson.”

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